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A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call/You Said It

A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call/You Said It

September 06, 2007

"But as for Hillary, she can't cut the cake."

But she does take the mustard, doesn't she?

"I want to know why it is these restaurants put in their inspections, and then you go to the same restaurants that they just had in there, and the employees have their drinks sitting there at the ice machines or sitting at the Coke machines, and you see the ice thing back into the things. Do the restaurant inspectors go back in a day or two later and see that the things that they said was corrected are just a return of what they already said? I'd like to know the answer to this, please."

- Hagerstown

I just wish I could understand the question . . .

"For the Boonsboro caller who was shocked to find beer at Augustoberfest: Hang on, buddy, you got more shocks coming. Candy at Halloween, turkey at Thanksgiving; maybe fruitcake at Christmas."


- Smithsburg

Shows what you know; fruitcake is beyond holidays, because it lasts forever.

"I'm so sick and tired of people calling in to You Said It saying they're sick and tired."

- Hagerstown

And still, some editor keeps publishing such remarks. It's enough to make us ill and exhausted.

"High five" to these callers:

"Unfortunately, the Do Not Call list does not apply to charitable/nonprofit groups, political campaigning or fundraising, or any company with which you have previously done business.

"Oh, how I wish it did. I would suggest if you're being bothered by a charity or whatever, the next time they call you, tell them to take your name off the list of people to be called in the future.

"If that doesn't work, then hang up as soon as they identify themselves. I think these groups just have to be taught that such abusive and rude behavior is counterproductive."

- Frederick, Md.

"If you have to smoke, that's one thing - that's your business - but you should be given a ticket for littering if you flick your cigarette out the window when you're driving."

- Hagerstown

Regarding numerous questions about school supplies, the Washington County Public School System has provided the following statement:

"The Washington County Public School System has historically not committed funds from the operating budget for packets of school supplies for individual students.

"It has been recognized as a fairly sizable expenditure, and traditionally, parents and households have assumed the responsibility of acquiring necessary supplies.

"We also believe students will take ownership and responsibility for their own supplies. Schools are encouraged to monitor supply lists so the requests made to parents and families are reasonable.

"Also, schools are willing to work with families in cases of individual hardship. WCPS appreciates the spirit of partnership and cooperation that has always been displayed by families across the school system."

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