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September 04, 2007

Editor's note: Since we have been getting so many longer comments on our You Said It line, it has become necessary for The Morning Herald to shorten the time alotted for calls.

When calling You Said It, you should try to limit your calls to 30 seconds. That should be enough time for you to say your comment.

If you have trouble getting your comment across in a timely manner, it might be worth writing your comment down first on paper, then reading it when you call the You Said It line.

In addition, e-mails received for You Said It have also been much longer than we can run in the column. When e-mailing, please limit your comments to about three sentences.


Thank you for your cooperation.

"If the commissioners of Washington County can pay over $1 million to a couple people to keep their land, I have a couple cars and a lot of personal possessions I would like to sell them in return for county and state taxpayer money, so I can continue to use what I already own, and would like to be compensated for without giving them up. Where do I apply?"

"I was just wondering why the newspaper took Billy Graham out. I really enjoyed that every Sunday."

- Hagerstown

"As I have read in The Herald-Mail recently during the summer months that CSX Railroad has been making repairs to many of its rail crossings, I hope before winter sets in that they will come out to Jefferson Boulevard and Md. 62 at Chewsville and make some repairs on that railroad track. There's a heavy amount of traffic on that road almost daily, morning and night, and it certainly does need some repairs."

- Hagerstown

"The Herald-Mail's Newspaper on Vacation photos are getting sillier by the minute. Now there's a published bathroom picture of a vacationer displaying the newspaper while bathing in a hot tub. What's next? Someone sitting on the 'john' while vacationing in Johnstown, or on the 'can' in Pottstown? Many of us read the newspaper in the bathroom every day, home or away, so get ready for photos from our favorite spot."

"You voiced your concerns about prisoners being released in our town in Mail Call, and it has helped. Mail Call is a good thing, when politicians do nothing about all the criminals on our downtown streets. Some years ago, I got a flu shot on Locust Street and had to run from a robber. I was in my 60s then."

"For the Boonsboro caller who was shocked to find beer at Augustoberfest: Hang on, buddy, you got more shocks coming. Candy at Halloween, turkey at Thanksgiving; maybe fruitcake at Christmas."

- Smithsburg

"Isn't this a great state we live in? Gov. O'Malley said that we're gonna have to cut services because we're gonna come up with a shortfall of $1.5 billion. People are filing bankruptcy at a record level, people are losing their homes at a record level, and can't afford their medical bills, electrical bills, phone bills - plus the cost of gasoline is so high people can't afford that. Yet we give our teachers in Washington County a 7 percent raise, plus an upgrade. What a great, great state."

"Thanks to the mayor of Hagerstown for expertly expressing his opinion about the prisoners and their constant complaints about the treatment while they're incarcerated. It seems to me that some of them are trying to gain the sympathy of the local citizens. Most of us are not so easily misled, and realize that the inmates are there for a reason, and that reason is their own decisions to be lawbreakers. They must take the consequences. Prison is not intended to keep the lawbreakers pampered. Responsibility must be taken for their own actions."

- Hagerstown

"I'm calling about the caller from Hagerstown who questions 'Who cares what happens to Iraq when we leave?' 'Who cares?' is a big question to be answered, but I care. I care very much. I appreciate the fact that it takes a turn in the amount of troops. I care that it is doing good for the people of Iraq. I care for people, as does our heavenly Father, and it's time for all of us to care."

- Rohrersville

"A caller asked about punishment for not having school supplies. There is no punishment. Washington County has wonderful, caring groups, such as the PTAs and Lionesses and individuals, many who are teachers and support staff who care about the students and gladly donate supplies. Washington County public school students and their families are cared about, and one way this is shown is providing school supplies."

"There you go, Hagerstonians - crime problem solved. Crime problem in Maryland, the rates should start dropping day by day, those crime rates should start dropping around here. Prisoners can't be released here no more - crime problem solved. So you people probably think."

- Hagerstown

"Thumbs up for the new prisoner program in Hagerstown."

- Hagerstown

"The people always complaining on Northern Avenue because it's being worked on: I can probably think of four or five different ways I could go to avoid traveling Northern Avenue to get where I want to go. Let them find some other ways."

- Maugansville

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