Married authors write about relationships

September 04, 2007|By ERIN CUNNINGHAM

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.VA. - When Craig Carpentieri asked his eighth-grade students at Western Heights Middle School what they did during their summer break, some said they'd been to the movies and some said they'd been to amusement parks.

And what did their teacher do during his break?

He wrote a book with his wife of five years, Amy Carpentieri.

The couple, who live in Berkeley Springs, W.Va., recently published, "His & Her Mini Toolkit: Everyday Tools for a Happier, More Connected Relationship." This month, their second book, "His & Her Toolkit: Practical Tools to Rebuild Your Relationship," will be available.

"We have a great relationship," said Craig Carpentieri, 34. "And this is something we've been passionate about doing since we first got together."

Both books, they said, offer helpful, practical tools to strengthen and deepen relationships.

"It's things people probably do every day, or did when they first got together," he said.


Amy, 35, said that relationships take work, but with a few helpful tools, couples can find happiness and contentment in their relationships.

"That romance doesn't have to fizzle," she said.

The Carpentieris met in high school in Florida, but they didn't begin dating until more than eight years after graduating. Amy said they met at a party and became friends. They started dating shortly after, and they now have a 2-year-old daughter.

The "His & Her Mini Toolkit," which is available at, includes 25 tools that couples can use every day, they said.

"The most important thing is that whenever there is an issue, each person owns 50 percent of it," Craig said. "It's never one person's fault."

Tools include tips for listening, doing things together, touching and even taking a break from one another.

Amy said that communication is very important in order for a relationship to be successful. While writing the books together, the Carpentieris said, they strengthened their communication skills with each other.

"I think a lot of arguments can end quickly by setting the pride aside," she said.

Their second book, the 164-page "His & Her Toolkit: Practical Tools to Rebuild Your Relationship," will come out this month, and will be followed by more mini toolkits on topics like parenting, women and infertility.

The couple said that when they are writing about something they are passionate about, like their relationship, it doesn't feel like work.

"The writing is just continuing and continuing and continuing," Craig said. "That's the most surprising thing for us. The words just keep coming and coming."

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