Essays reveal what students did during summer vacation

September 02, 2007

The Herald-Mail asked Bobbi Blubaugh's fifth-grade students at Fairview Elementary School in Waynesboro, Pa., to write essays about what they did on their summer vacation. Here are their largely unedited responses.

· Anna Swink

The day after school got out I went to the beach. The weather was very nice at first but later in the week the waves got very choppy and it was cool. I also went to camp this summer. The camp was called Rhodes Grove. That is what I did this summer.

· Zach Wolford

This summer my baseball team and I went to Philadelphia for a state tournement. Even though we had a losing record we had a fun time. We not only played baseball we got to see Philadelphia. The first day we had a skills competition and a home-run derby. Over the next two days we played four ball games, went to the Schuylkill river with five friends, and went to the King of Prussia Mall. When we were leaving there was a small fire, luckily everyone was alright. That sums up my time at Philadelphia.


· Hollister Rolls

This summer I traveled a little. I went to Bush Gardens, Colonial Williamsburg, and New Holland, PA. My favorite was New Holland. I got to be a TV star ... with Bobby Flay. I made hot pepper poppers, chiken and my brother did brisket, and this is for a group of 32 under 10 kids and placed 4th, 6th, and 8th. That was my summer!

· Marleigh Chaney

Do you want to hear about my vacation? I went to Arizona! We went to this really cool pool, it is called the cove. It was a wave pool with two water slides. The reason we went to Arizona is because we went to visit family. After we went to the cove we went to go visit my Great-Grandma. It was really fun. I hope you can join me next time!

· Hannah Rowe

This summer I did a kid's cast. The kid's cast is were you draw a picture. And if you get picked you do the wether live for nbc25. It's real fun. Another fun thing I did this summer was, I went to northside pool. I got to go there a lot because I got a pool pass. That lets you get in free. And that's (really) cool.

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