August 31, 2007

Q&A with coach David Walker

Q: How would you describe the state of your program?

A: "I believe our program is on a solid foundation. It's in good shape, now and for the future. We've had success for a decade. We've worked hard accordingly in the offseason. When we've lost players, others have stepped up and we've continued on."

Q: How would you sum up the 2006 season?

A: "Last year was pleasing with the group we had. I thought some of them overachieved and it is a credit to what they did. I didn't expect to win that many games but the kids really worked hard all year."

Q: Who are your top returning skill position players?

A: "Quarterback Dustin Peters, wide receiver Jordan Mason and tight end Jesse Jean."

Q: Who are the top returning players at these positions?

Offensive line:

A: "We lost four players. Our main guy back is Mike Nolet, a big 290-pound senior."


Defensive line:

A: "Defensive end Jean and lineman Mike Hammond. Big boys with talent and skill."


A: "Derek Walker, Scott Stump, Jordan Fields. I think these are players that will make us good at this position."


A: "We might be a little lowly here. Our only starter back is Laouali Posely."

Q: Who is the one departed player who will be most difficult to replace?

A: "We had lots of good players gone from last year. the most difficult might be Xavier Peters. He was the state defensive player of the year and a wide receiver."

Q: Who are the "unknown" or new players who could make an impact in 2007?

A: "I think we've got several players who could be surprises, but I want to see who comes through in the scrimmages and camp."

Q: What is the biggest challenge your team will face this season?

A: "I think it will be important for us to get through the first four games of the schedule. We play good, quality teams. We will need to mature and survive in these games. I really think this will be a team that gets better as the season goes on."

Q: What things must this team do to improve over the 2006 season?

A: "We need to take advantage of the experience of Peters. We've thrown the ball in the past, but I think our passing game is going to be more important to us this year."

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