Work at Maugans Avenue-U.S. 11 intersection is being repaired

August 30, 2007|By JOSHUA BOWMAN

Recently finished work at the intersection of Maugans Avenue and U.S. 11 is being repaired after engineers found problems with two of the intersection's shoulders, Washington County Deputy Chief Engineer Robert J. Slocum said.

Workers excavated the curbs and pavement around the southeast and northeast corners of the intersection on Thursday.

Grading inconsistencies and warped pavement made the repairs necessary, Slocum said.

Repairs on both corners of the intersection began Thursday, and should take four days to complete, Slocum said.

The southeast corner of the intersection had to be repaired after engineers realized plans for paving levels on the road did not match paving levels for the adjacent Sheetz parking lot. The Sheetz project was finished before the county began work at the intersection.

The northeast corner of the intersection had to be redone when engineers found that the road was more warped than first expected, Slocum said.


The original curb construction cost about $19,000. Slocum said he did not know how much it will cost to fix the two shoulders and reinstall the curbs.

The intersection work is part of a larger project to widen Maugans Avenue from two to five lanes between U.S. 11 and Interstate 81. The project includes adding turning lanes, as well as traffic signals at the interstate ramps.

The project will cost $2.7 million and is expected to be finished in August 2008.

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