Volunteer helps out by taking prints

August 30, 2007|By MARLO BARNHART

Name: Edith Sweigert

Age: 85

Resides in: Hagerstown

Where do you volunteer and what do you do there?: Edith fingerprints civilians at the Washington County Sheriff's Department, 500 Western Maryland Parkway. Those being fingerprinted include people who need their fingerprints taken for jobs or to volunteer with certain agencies.

What prompted you to begin volunteering?: "I saw an article in the newspaper about home safety through the Washington County Sheriff's Department. Deputy 1st Class Jim Holsinger said help was needed, so in 1998 I began volunteering to take civilian fingerprints."

Your biggest reward as a volunteer?: "It's the great people I meet - both the citizens and the staff at the department - they are my lifeline."


What impact has volunteering had on your life?: "Doing this helps keep me active."

What keeps you busy when you're not volunteering?: Knitting, sewing and reading.

Want to volunteer with the Washington County Sheriff's Department? There are positions in maintenance, inventory of property, as well as fingerprinting civilians.

The Citizens Police Academy is held twice a year and can be valuable in helping a person determine how best to volunteer with the agency.

For more information, contact Maj. Randy Wilkinson at 240-313-2100.

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