Pairs hunt through Valley Mall

August 27, 2007|By ERIN CUNNINGHAM

HALFWAY - Tigger and Pooh work here, too.

Tiffany Burke, 15, of Hagerstown, thought for only a moment before heading to the Disney Store.

Rural valuables.

"Do you know what rural means?" Mindy Morgan, of Clear Spring, asked Tiffany.

She replied that it means "country."

"What could be valuable?" Morgan asked.

Tiffany worked at it for a few minutes before pointing to a sign that read "Country Treasures."

Morgan is Tiffany's big sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Washington County, and the pair participated in the organization's scavenger hunt Sunday at Valley Mall in Hagerstown.


About six pairs took part in the hunt that included clues that led them to 30 Valley Mall stores.

"They spend time with their mentors," said Tracy Mumma, mentor manager. "It's about relationship-building."

Big Brothers Big Sisters hosts similar events throughout the year, and Executive Director Bob McKee said it was the first time the organization held a scavenger hunt.

Scott Rautio, 9, of Hagerstown, and his mentor Anita Jardina, of Hagerstown, said they were looking forward to the scavenger hunt.

"I like spending time with Scott," Jardina said.

Sarah Stanton, 7, of Hagerstown, said she is good at puzzles and was going to enjoy the scavenger hunt.

"I'm excited," she said. "I like running around the mall and finding clues."

Sarah was with her mentor, Becky Barber, of Hagerstown.

"She calls me her big sister," Barber said of Sarah.

After about five minutes, Morgan and Tiffany had found many of the answers. Morgan read the clues aloud and helped Tiffany find the answers.

"A military branch that's been around a long time," Morgan read. "What's something you accuse me of being sometimes?"

Tiffany quickly replied, "Old."

Soon after that, she said the answer was Old Navy.

David St.Clair, of Hagerstown, was with his little brother, Blake Lyles, 13, and Blake's cousin, Aaron Switzer.

"We stopped at the directory (to find most of the answers)," St.Clair said.

He said that he and Blake go to as many Big Brothers Big Sisters events as they can, but Blake's schedule is busy with football, baseball, basketball and bowling.

"We're enjoying it," St.Clair said. "We're having fun."

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