Landmarks clues solved

Responses suggest panther sticker and foot bridge rails toughest to find

Responses suggest panther sticker and foot bridge rails toughest to find

August 26, 2007|By JULIE E. GREENE

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The small Panther sticker on the end of a set of bleachers by Field One at Fairgrounds Park was the toughest clue to find for the winner of The Herald-Mail's 11th annual Landmarks Contest.

But the green railing was responsible for most of the contestant entries knocked out of the running.

We ran a hint, but apparently several people missed it as they still thought the green railing belonged to a trash can. The railing actually was part of a bridge on the bike path that goes from Fairgrounds Park to Pangborn Park.

We ran a few hints, including one about the Panther sticker - "watch where you sit" - that helped Mariann Saloom of Clear Spring win $500.


Saloom's entry was one of 111 that correctly guessed where all 10 clues were at Hagerstown's Fairgrounds Park. There were 146 total entries.

The winner was determined by a blind drawing.

Saloom, 52, said she and her son's girlfriend, Roxanne Sours of Hagerstown, looked for the clues. They will split the winnings.

It took three trips to the park to find all the clues, Saloom said.

Saloom, a hairdresser at Homewood Retirement Center north of Williamsport, said she hadn't been to the Fairgrounds since she attended the Great Hagerstown Fair there when she was in her 20s.

The city renovated the land into a multipurpose park earlier in this decade.

"It's beautiful, the way they've done it. It was a treat to walk around there and see how it is now," Saloom said.

Junior Mason, the city's parks and recreation superintendent, said the contest brought a lot of people to the park, including people from out of town who hadn't seen the renovated park.

This year two runners-up also were selected. They are Paige Owens, 12, a seventh-grader at Boonsboro Middle School, and Tina Saunders, 51, who lives north of Sharpsburg and is a nurse at Fahrney-Keedy Nursing Home.

Paige and Saunders each received a Herald-Mail Sunday comics umbrella, a travel mug and $30 in gift cards to AC&T.

Like Saloom, they had assistance.

Paige, who lives east of Hagerstown, said her family made about 10 trips to the park to look for clues. Searching with her were her mom, Carolyn; dad, Tim; grandparents Irene and Ed Owens; sister, Angie Auldridge; and brother-in-law, Isaac Auldridge.

Saunders searched with her husband, Timothy, who found the Washington County symbol in the outdoor hockey rink with binoculars and used a magnifying glass to study the Panther sticker, figuring it was on a bench.

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