Letters to the editor

August 23, 2007

Health insurance forum set for today

To the editor:

The Franklin County Adult Learning Center is pleased to announce that Colleen Milligan, outreach specialist for HighmarkBlue Shield, will present information on various health insurance programs in Chambersburg today, Aug. 23, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. The information session will be held at Franklin Fire Hall, 70 N Franklin St., in the downstairs meeting room.

Light refreshments will be available and an activity for children will be provided by the LIU12 Family Literacy program. Insurance programs for all ages and income levels will be presented and everyone will have an opportunity to enroll.

For more information and to register please call Marie Steinbacher at the literacy council at 717-709-4942 or 717-385-3078. This event is free and open to the public. We encourage anyone interested in health insurance to attend this important event.


The Franklin County Adult Learning Center provides the following services and programs: E.A.R.N, Youth Employment Program, Literacy Council, GED classes, ESL instruction and Family Literacy. If you are seeking adult learning programs, please call the center at 717-709-4942.

Marie Steinbacher
Chambersburg, Pa.

One-fifth of term spent on vacation

To the editor:

With the recent comments by some readers praising the job George Bush has done and stating, "He deserves a vacation," I think it is only proper and responsible to set the record straight.

Bush has taken more time off for vacation than any president in modern history. The Washington Post keeps tabs on this, through daily communication with the White House.

He is now on a five-week hiatus at his ranch in Texas, which will result in 319 total days off during his presidency, or more than 20 percent of his term off - not counting official vacations with world leaders.

This is Bush's 49th vacation.

Paul Highbarger

Family justice system is lacking

To the editor:

Our current system of family court justice is broken and needs an immediate overhaul. Past programs, policies and procedures for the family law system that were designed to help children are currently hurting our children emotionally, physically and mentally.

The current laws systematically remove loving fathers/mothers who are fit from the home. These allegations are sometimes based on unfounded commentary or information from ex-spouses and children's interest groups such as the Children Task Force, DHHR.

This is happening in Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and surrounding states. What the public fails to accept and recognize is the government's involvement in this ongoing issue. According to a letter published by the Maryland Fathers Rights League president, the state that produces the bigger chunk of child support gets a bigger chunk of grant money provided by the federal government.

This is a disgrace to society and our children. There was a bus coming out of California called C.R.I.S.P.E. (Children's Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting Equally) that is circulating throughout United States, promoting 50/50 shared parenting. A rally in support of 50/50 parenting took place Aug. 18. The participants supporting 50/50 shared parenting throughout the U.S. are encouraged to make their voices heard in hopes of changing current family laws that are harming our children. This is not just focusing on one or two states; this is a nationwide movement.

It is obvious that the complete system in the United States needs an extreme overhaul on family law issues. I would love to see this bus stop in the surrounding areas in support of 50/50 shared parenting, which would benefit our children instead of the government. Don't be surprised if it does.

Fred E. Schermerhorn
Springfield, W.Va.

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