You Said It

August 20, 2007

"Have you folks been following the stock market the last week or so? You know the big problem is the mortgage companies. I blame a lot of it on them for making loans so easy. I blame most of it on the people who buy the big houses that can't afford them, don't read the fine print, and now they have to foreclose. The banks and mortgage companies have to hold and swallow this, and they can't all do it. So slowly but surely, you people trying to live over your means are ruining the country. That, plus the price of gas and everything which goes up, and it all figures in the same area."

"Just a heads up, in reference to the next year's Olympics in China. With all this latest escapade and recalls, cancellations, and don't eat this and don't touch that, I hope our government and U.S. Olympic committee takes our own food over there and our own chefs. I'd sure hate to be in the world's most polluted city, and knowing their track record on food and everything else, and worry about our athletes being and competing over there."


- Leitersburg

"I'd like to comment on the increasing amount of bicycling events done on the public roads. We have many roads that have bicycle paths along the side, that were designed for that. So many of these events, these races, marathons, whatever you want to call them, are done on county roads, where the road just cannot accommodate two or three people abreast, riding down the road on their bicycles, not caring about the person that's paying for the right to travel that road, with the registration and tags and insurance and everything else. Recently, I saw a bike event going on down in Boonsboro, and I want to compliment the people that did that. It was done well, it was kept under control."

- Cascade

"It's time for engine braking of large trucks on Eastern Boulevard and Dual Highway, late nights and early mornings, to stop - especially cement trucks."

- Hagerstown

"Is there any road in Washington County that is not being worked on at this time? You really have to think about your route before you venture out anymore."

"When the pro-war people talk about us liberals for not supporting the war and wanting to bring the troops home, why not take the soldier's tour of duty - or could it be your patriotism is only false?"

"To the call regarding the Jail Substance Abuse Program (JSAP). This is a state-funded program for individuals incarcerated at the detention center. The state guidelines require an inmate be court-ordered to participate."

- Hagerstown

"I agree with the grandmother about the request from teachers about not labeling school supplies. My daughter is entering the third grade at Fountain Rock, and not only is her list of school supplies very long, it also said not to label anything. I have news for the teachers: My child's items will be labeled. I bought them, and they belong to her. Several other third-grade moms are doing the same thing because they're not too happy about it, either. If you have hard-luck cases, we'd be happy to help out and buy supplies for the kids in need, but don't take them from my daughter and the other kids. That's not right."

- Williamsport

"I'm reading in the paper this morning about the taxpayers helping to fund a high school for the performing arts, and whether or not it shall be paid for by donations and tax credits. Didn't we just go through the same thing about the stadium at North High, where everything was supposed to be donations, and then the taxpayers wound up paying for (some) of it? I don't want that to happen again. I need my money as badly as everybody else needs my money."

- Washington County

"To the person who didn't think Giuliani would make a good president: He did a lot more being mayor than most people do in their years of presidency. For one thing, he cleaned up the streets of New York, he took the ladies of the night off the street and the drug dealers, where it was safe for people to go shopping. He balanced the budget, he cut the taxes, and there were people up there on welfare, getting two or three different welfare checks in different towns - he stopped that with his fingerprinting policy, which should be done with these open borders here, along with our immigration problems, and was never done. He did that, and I highly commend what he did with 9/11."

- Waynesboro, Pa.

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