Bester Elementary School

August 17, 2007

30 E. Memorial Blvd.

Principal: Kathy Stiles

Phone: 301-766-8001

Fax: 301-797-3464

Web site: pages/005/Main/index.htm

Start time: 9 a.m.

Dismissal: 3:30 p.m.

Grades: Pre-K-5

Date of construction: 1930

Age of building: 77 years


Latest renovation: 1988

Size of building: 67,248 square feet

State-rated capacity: 511

Projected 2007-08 enrollment: 564

From the principal

Q. What are your goals for the school year?

A. We are a learning community and are committed to the goal of academic excellence. Our primary focus is to increase student achievement in the areas of reading and mathematics. We are focused on the goal of continuously improving instruction and student performance.

One way we will ensure student achievement is through increasing student daily attendance. Students cannot learn if they are not here! High expectations for positive student behavior as well as academics will continue to be a priority through our continued efforts with Positive Behavior Intervention strategies.

Q. What will help ensure a successful school year?

A. For a school to be successful, we need everyone working together. Parents, staff, students and community members must be committed to the same high expectations and the belief that all children will achieve.

There are no excuses! We will do whatever it takes to make sure the students get what they need to be successful.

Q. Can students and staff expect any changes this school year?

A. There have been a few staff changes: Two new fifth-grade teachers, one new fourth-grade teacher, one new first-grade teacher, one new kindergarten teacher and a new Life Skills program, which will serve students with special needs at Bester and throughout the county.

We are looking forward to meeting the needs of all our students by providing excellent instruction, interventions and after-school enrichment programs.

Q. What message would you like to send as the school year begins?

A. As we begin the school year, we plan to continue building positive relationships with students, parents and the community as a whole. To foster this relationship it is imperative that we increase the mentoring programs, partnerships with outside agencies and create and maintain business partnerships.

It is so important that we have parent support, so we invite parents and community members to visit our school. Parent involvement always yields positive results for our students. We would like to increase our parent volunteer hours this year. Please call our office at 301-766-8001 and find out how you can get involved.

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