Pa. recycling center off to a busy start

August 17, 2007|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Truckloads of metals have been moving through a Waynesboro warehouse in a new recycling center described as a drive-through service.

Customers enter Tri-State Recycling from Walnut Street, deposit their load on a scale, receive payment and exit on Ringgold Street.

One man who went through that process Wednesday afternoon received $1,300 for his pickup truckload of copper.

"Our mission is to pay top dollar for stuff," proprietor Brandon Williard said.

Williard has been in business since 1999 but opened the 100 E. Sixth St. location just a month ago. He said he has been pleased with operations so far.

"We've been just swamped. We're really surprised," Williard said.

Tri-State Recycling, in the former Foster plant, accepts nonferrous metals from commercial and residential customers.

Many of the people coming through are plumbers, electricians and other contractors with materials left over from jobs. Some contractors are local, while others are from Frederick, Hagerstown or other counties of Pennsylvania.


"We had a guy in here today from Roanoke, Va. We've got people coming from Gettysburg and York," Williard said Wednesday.

The residential customers have mostly brought aluminum cans.

The metals are shipped in bulk to mills that reuse them.

"It's far more efficient to melt metal than to mine it," Williard said.

Challenging parts of the work are keeping the inventory organized and ensuring prices are competitive, Williard said.

He also has been working to ensure customers have reason to choose him over competitors.

"People have been dealing with companies for five and 10 years," Williard said.

He chose Waynesboro for the new center because of its zoning laws and proximity to both industry and larger cities.

"I wanted to be close to Chambersburg and Hagerstown," Williard said.

He employees three people and has plans to increase that number to seven.

To reach Tri-State Recycling, call 717-749-7261.

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