WCPS Who's who

August 17, 2007


Dr. Elizabeth Morgan

For questions regarding school system policies, academics, procedures or programs.

Phone number: 301-766-2816


Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Instruction, Donna Hanlin

For curriculum or operational questions about the county's middle and high schools.

Phone number: 301-766-2920


Acting Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Instruction, Michael Markoe


For curriculum or operational questions about the county's elementary schools.

Phone number: 301-766-2917


Assistant Superintendent for School Operations, Boyd Michael

For questions about facilities, buildings, food service or transportation or anything else related to school system operations.

Phone number: 301-766-2820


Chief Financial Officer,

Chris South

For questions or concerns about the Washington County Board of Education's budgets, accounting, payroll or purchasing.

Phone number: 301-766-2827


Assistant Director of Human Resources,

Donna Newcomer

For questions about employment with the Washington County Public Schools system.

Phone number: 301-766-2804


Acting Director of Student Services,

John Davidson

For questions regarding support services to assist students and families or special education.

Phone number: 301-766-2962


Executive Assistant for strategic planning and board and community relations, Shulamit Finkelstein

Also has role of the ombudsman. Call with concerns or complaints that you would like addressed.

Phone number: 301-766-8745


Director of School Maintenance and Operations, Michael Peplinski

For questions or concerns regarding school repair or maintenance needs.

Phone number: 301-766-2978


Director of Facilities Planning and Development, Rob Rollins

For questions regarding planning or current and future facilities needs, and the development and construction of facilities.

Phone: 301-766-2982


Supervisor of Food and Nutrition

Services, Gary Dodds

For questions about school menus and information about the free or reduced school lunch program.

Phone number: 301-766-2893


Supervisor of Transportation,

Barbara Scotto

For questions or concerns regarding buses, bus routes or other transportation issues.

Phone number: 301-766-2904


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