Stouffer turns in school books for record books

August 16, 2007|By LARRY YANOS

For now, Williamsport's Stan Stouffer has put his retirement plans from teaching on hold.

After spending 36 years in the classroom, Stouffer, who turns 61 on Friday, will resign from his social studies position to assume duties as the Wildcats' athletic director.

"I was really thinking of retirement following this school year and then I found out the position of AD was becoming open," Stouffer said. "I submitted my application on the final day available (July 19) and went through the interview process."

Williamsport principal Dr. Henry Bohlander selected Stouffer to fill the position previously held by Adrian Custer, the school's football coach.

"As much as I enjoyed the classroom, I feel I'm rejuvenated now with the new job. My retirement plans are on 'hold,'" Stouffer laughed. "It will be a learning experience but I'm eager to get started. I'm sure I will be more comfortable in the position as time goes on."


Williamsport will field 27 teams during the 2007-08 school year and Stouffer will be responsible for scheduling, transportation and hiring officials among other duties.

"Dr. Bohlander said 'you will run the athletic program on a day-to-day basis,'" Stouffer said. "I look forward to that challenge. There will be some little details to coordinate but I'm confident I will get the job done properly."

Over the years, Stouffer has been quite involved with the Washington County school.

In addition to teaching since 1970, Stouffer coached the Wildcats in boys soccer for 27 years.

"I started in '72 under Rich Doub," he said. "I was with the junior varsity program four years and then I coached the varsity from 1976-84 and 1990 to 2003."

Williamsport won state titles in 1979 and 1996 under Stouffer and went to the state tournament nine times (1979, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2003). Williamsport defeated Northeast 3-0 for the 1979 title and River Hill 3-1 for the 1996 crown.

Stouffer attended South Hagerstown High School, Hagerstown Junior College and Shepherd College.

"I eventually decided to enter the Army. Ten days following my discharge, I was teaching."

Custer said Stouffer will do a good job.

"He knows all the teachers and coaches, has been a great mentor and he knows the support is definitely there if he needs it," Custer said. "I loved my years as AD but I love my family first. Holding that job and coaching football was very time-consuming. Now I can spend more time with my family. The AD job is in good hands."

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