You Said It

August 14, 2007

Editor's note: The Morning Herald does not endorse any of these anonymous opinions. We encourage readers to put their names with their opinions through letters to the editor that appear each day on Page A4.

"Lately, two people have called in saying they wish the troops would come home and we could have the war here. Did you forget 9/11? Did not take too long to wipe 3,000 Americans out. So, our military can get maimed and killed here on U.S. soil. So, our children can be killed here, and/or all the rest of us. I cannot believe I read that." - Hagerstown

"I read with interest S. Christian Anders' letter to the editor which he stated 'People are stepping up and taking ownership of their lives and welfare, whether it is by eating right, physical training or exercising their God-given right, as guaranteed by the United States Constitution, of self defense.' I guess God has found a little wiggle room between the right to bear arms and the commandment 'Thou shall not kill.'" - Hagerstown


"I'm calling in about the Route 68 bridge. They close it down every Saturday from either 7 to 3 or 8 to 4. They've been doing this for the past three Saturdays. There's not much debris under this bridge, and I was wondering why are they milking it - to take our taxpayers' moneys or what? I think somebody should be looking into it. Thank you very much." - Williamsport

"I'd like to make a comment (on) Salem Avenue school. They did a wonderful job up here with my tax money. I really appreciate the use of my tax money there. My problem is this. Even though it's posted, people are still walking their dogs, large and small, on the school property, and letting them do their business and not cleaning up after them. Yes, there are signs up that you're supposed to walk your dogs on the property of the school ground. It's my understanding the people at the school, the principal and so forth, have tried to be neighborly, but 99 percent of the people that walk their dogs over there do not clean up after them. I can't imagine what those poor kids are playing in over there in the summertime, and during school." - Hagerstown

"Every time I see someone call here whining because they're on a fixed income, I have to laugh. Unless you own your own business and determine your own salary, we are all on fixed incomes. My income does not go up when my bills do. I may get a raise each year, or I may not, but people on Social Security get a cost of living increase each year. So let's just remember, most everyone is on a fixed income." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"I'm a resident of Hamilton Boulevard in Hagerstown, and I'd like for someone with the city government or someone of knowledge to explain why every time we resurface a street in Hagerstown, we leave two seams down the street that eventually open up to somewhere in the vicinity of four to six inches wide and a couple of inches deep, which we now have on Hamilton Boulevard. They just finished Oak Hill, and I see we have the seams over there. I do not see those things in anyone else's town or on I-81, for example, which is being resurfaced." - Hagerstown

"This is to all the people who are so concerned over the sex offender Web site, and whether or not they have any sex offenders living near their homes. My son is on the sex offender Web site. Why? Because when he was 18, he had sex with his 17-year-old girlfriend. So check out the story before you chastise somebody that's on that Web site." - Hagerstown

"Unfortunately, the Do Not Call list does not apply to charitable/nonprofit groups, political campaigning or fundraising, or any company with which you have previously done business. Oh, how I wish it did. I would suggest if you're being bothered by a charity or whatever, the next time they call you, tell them to take your name off the list of people to be called in the future. If that doesn't work, then hang up as soon as they identify themselves. I think these groups just have to be taught that such abusive and rude behavior is counterproductive." - Frederick, Md.

"In response to the person who had the complaint about the bicycles on Water Street in Smithsburg on the sidewalks, they're also in Bishop Lane and in the senior center. They're not only bicycles, there are also skateboards." - Smithsburg

"To fix Social Security, have the Congress and the government get rid of their personal retirement and pension funds, contribute that to Social Security, put them on Social Security, and you will see that they will fix it immediately." - Hagerstown

"Keep it quick, to the point, and honest. Thank you." - Hagerstown

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