Local man who injured Chihuahua back in court

August 14, 2007|by ERIN JULIUS

HAGERSTOWN - A Hagerstown man who served 90 days in jail for breaking a dog's leg was in Washington County Circuit Court on Monday for a violation of probation.

John Edward Mock Sr., 47, declined a plea offered to him by Washington County Assistant State's Attorney John Dunlap and asked for his case to be continued.

Circuit Judge W. Kennedy Boone III continued the case until Sept. 24, because Mock was not represented by counsel but had requested a public defender after he was released from jail at the end of July, Boone said.

Mock pleaded guilty in June to one count of animal cruelty, which violated his probation from a 2005 theft case, Boone said.


If Mock would admit to violating probation, he would serve no time in exchange for obeying all laws and not keeping animals in his home, said Dunlap, who opposed the continuance.

In June, Mock told Washington County Circuit Judge John H. McDowell that he owns six dogs, three cats, birds and a rabbit.

Mock injured a Chihuahua named "Poncho," who still lives with Mock and his wife. Poncho greets Mock every day, "like nothing ever happened," Mock's wife said in court in June.

Mock, whose last known address was 719 W. Washington St., picked up the Chihuahua by his back legs and pulled them apart, The Herald-Mail reported in June.

Mock said Monday that he did not want to take the deal because his wife is an animal lover and she would have to get rid of the animals for him to live with her.

"He blatantly broke a dog's leg by pulling his legs apart, which is violent," Dunlap said in a phone interview Monday afternoon.

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