Hagerstown sisters keep each other 'inline'

August 09, 2007|By ERIN CUNNINGHAM


North Hagerstown High School seniors Devan and Sabrina Zeger will be skating to school in about two weeks.

The morning route will be one of the only times the Hagerstown twins have to practice inline speed skating. The 17-year-olds have been nationally competitive for years and said they were introduced to the sport about six years ago.

They say places to practice are few in Hagerstown, and most of their training takes place in the parking lot of Fairgrounds Park, which is near their home. That makes skating to school in the morning and home in the afternoon an important part of their day.

"That was the only skating we got last year," Devan said.

It takes about seven minutes for them to skate the 2 miles to school using back roads.

"If we actually skated fast there ... we could probably make it in 5 (minutes)," Devan said.


The girls spent some of their preteen years playing soccer, and said that they enjoyed the sport but decided to give it up to concentrate on skating.

"You meet new people, you travel a lot and it's just really fun," Sabrina said.

They race other "junior women," mostly 16- and 17-year-olds. Both girls have placed first and second in regional competitions.

"It's not a real race unless there's a battle for first," Sabrina said.

Since January, the teens have competed in about six regional competitions, and recently went to Nebraska for the national championship, where they did well.

Devan said she and her sister compete individually and in relays.

"We did pretty well considering we've only had eight practices this year," she said. "We had little practice. There's no real place to practice."

They try to skate in the parking lot at Fairgrounds Park, but said the cars going in and out of the lot make it hard.

The girls also compete in indoor track, cross country and lacrosse. They are on the honor roll at North Hagerstown High, and play in the school's orchestra. Sabrina plays the cello and Devan plays the viola.

"But skating is definitely my No. 1," Devan said. "You can do it everywhere."

The girls said that while they have different interests, they do most things together. And college is no exception.

They're both planning to attend Penn State. Devan said she'd like to study architectural or mechanical engineering, and Sabrina said she'll pursue a degree in biology.

"I'll skate to class every day," Devan said. "I'll skate everywhere."

But inline skates are expensive, and both say they need new ones. They recently started working at Adidas at Prime Outlets at Hagerstown to save money for skates and college.

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