New traffic signal installed at South High entrance

August 09, 2007|By ERIN JULIUS


Vehicles stopped at a traffic signal on South Potomac Street in front of South Hagerstown High School Thursday afternoon for the first time.

Construction of the $43,000 signal began in June, and the light was activated Thursday after a brief ceremony during which local officials discussed the project.

Because of an increase in traffic volume when children are arriving at and departing from school, the intersection where South Potomac Street intersects with the entrance to South Hagerstown High School "goes from not much of anything to a real dangerous intersection," Capt. Charles Summers of the Hagerstown Police Department said.


Making left-hand turns out of the school was difficult and dangerous, Summers said.

State government recognized a problem and finally got it fixed, Sen. Don Munson, R-Washington, said.

Wanda McGurl, a legislative aide, represented Del. Robert A. McKee, R-Washington, Thursday.

McGurl, who lives near the high school and has a son who attends the school, hopes the new signal improves traffic and encourages drivers to slow down, she said.

The new signal replaced flashing yellow lights. The intersection will be controlled by a full traffic signal during peak times, such as school arrival and dismissal, and will flash yellow for traffic along South Potomac Street during non-peak times, according to a news release from the State Highway Administration.

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