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A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call/You Said It

A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call/You Said It

August 09, 2007

"We are building foot baths for Muslins at airports, colleges, and now the taxpayer is funding a Muslin school."

I never knew cotton fabric had feet, or needed schooling.

"World War 11"

I must have missed those other nine World Wars somehow.

"I saw President Bush on TV with that smear on his face."

Was he eating peanut butter and jelly again?

"High five" to this caller:

"You'd think with the drought, people would be smart enough not to throw their cigarettes out the window - once again proving that people who smoke don't care about anybody but themself. Have some common sense. Let's not burn Hagerstown down. Put your cigarettes out in your ashtray. Don't throw them out your window when you're driving."


Answers to frequently asked questions:

In response to numerous comments in Mail Call about unwanted telephone directories, I found the following information:

Verizon distribution center, phone 800-888-8448, option 2 - I spoke with Christina, who took my phone number in order to have her supervisor return the call. She also referred me to Web site, where I was directed to Corporate Site, Media Relations for "all other media inquiries." I e-mailed Andy Shane at, and am awaiting a reply.

The EZ to Use Big Book, phone 301-766-4331 - I spoke with Julie, who stated that the directory is distributed through the U.S. Postal Service and that anyone who wishes not to receive directories should contact the local post office to stop delivery.

Community Phone Book, phone 877-843-7331 (THERED1), option 4 - I left a voice mail message and also e-mailed the question at Web site

The Yellow Book, phone 866-929-3556 (YBYELLOW) - I spoke with Greg, who said to call 800-373-3280 to stop delivery. He said directories are delivered by independent contractors who are instructed to leave directories at front doors and not to leave them in driveways, etc.

Recycling information can be obtained by calling 800-253-4687 (CLEANUP), or at Click on Recycling Info and enter zip code for locations of recycling centers.

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