Crowd forms for Old Home Week photo

August 09, 2007|By ASHLEY HARTMAN

GREENCASTLE, PA. - It was the first time that Carlee Alleman had been among the crowd for the official Greencastle-Antrim Old Home Week photo.

The 9 1/2-month-old joined thousands of residents, both past and present, and visitors on Center Square in Greencastle to be a part of history.

"It meant everything to me to have her here," said Alleman's grandmother, Saundra Shockey, who had four generations of her family represented in the photo.

"I've been in every (photo) since 1947," said Anita Main, Alleman's great-grandmother. "It's just a lot of good memories."

"We look forward to (Old Home Week) every three years," Shockey said.

It was also Susan Hancock's first time in the photo. She was visiting Greencastle from Niceville, Fla.

"I am not from Greencastle, but my mother-in-law is," she said.

Hancock said she has enjoyed the events of Old Home Week, especially the photo.

"I think it's a great way to keep your roots alive," she said.


It was not the first time that John Hoffman had been a part of an Old Home Week photo.

"I've been in every photo since 1938," he said.

John and his wife, Doris, live east of Harrisburg, Pa., but John lived in Greencastle for the first 24 years of his life.

"I just like to be here and see some people I haven't seen in a while," John said.

"It's a document of history - not many towns do this," Doris said.

John said he has noticed how the amount of people in the photo has grown over the years.

"Especially during World War II - there was a very small crowd - practically all women and children," he said.

Pat Faust-Baker moved to Greencastle in 1967. She remembered her first Old Home Week in 1968.

"I thought it was great that the town had something like this," she said.

As for the Old Home Week photo, Faust-Baker said, "I just think it's a great memory down the road."

Three years ago, the crowd in the Old Home Week photo was more than 2,000, according to a representative from Central Photo Inc. of Washington D.C., which has taken the photo for almost 30 years.

This year, they believe there are even more people in the photo.

Copies of the Old Home Week photo can be ordered at Old Home Week headquarters at the First Nationals Bank of Greencastle on Center Square throughout the week at $25 per print.

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