Letters to the Editor

August 08, 2007

Impeaching Gonzales could be practice

To the editor:

Why does Congress not use its powers to impeach Attorney General Alberto Gonzales?

His impeachment would be a start toward the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. Those left aboard the sinking ship of the White House would follow.

Then perhaps the American people could have the real government we have been denied for nearly eight years.

Mrs. Robert Scalf
Falling Waters, W.Va.

We need Obama's leadership style

To the editor:

Why can't Barack Obama be president? I ask myself that question over and over and can't really find a good enough reason why not. I've tried and all I get is his race - but wait, I am a minority, too.

Let's face it, Obama has crossed some racial barriers that have catapulted him to a status as the "Tiger Woods of the Beltway." His middle-age flair and remarkable coolness under stress make him a very strong candidate for president of the United States. His ability to rally intellectual discussion, ironically, makes him collectively the minister of hope and the instrument of hatred in some circles across America.


He is the checkered flag who can release us from our dark past and bring a spark of unity throughout America. We especially need this kind of leadership in Hagerstown. We, like it or not, find our social fabric tied to Antietam and Gettysburg. Both of these places represent the political tension of the times and are also stark reminders of how race had something to do with what transpired at these places. I say that because it somehow still polarizes us today.

Obama brings that hope to the psyche of America, past and present. He is a bright light for those of us willing to mingle and learn to work with those outside of our circles of influence. Obama can bring something of significance to the reality of the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. being fulfilled. We so desperately need that kind of leadership.

Reginald Pugh

Tragedies were not treated equally

To the editor:

It is a major tragedy: On July 29, Donald Webb, a Division of Correction (DOC) lieutenant at the Baltimore City Correctional Center, shot his stepson, killed his wife and committed suicide.

Dj vu - on June 2, 1993 Rodney Stokes, a lifer on work release, killed his girlfriend and committed suicide.

When the Stokes tragedy occurred, the DOC commissioner of correction immediately removed 134 lifers from work release and sent us to medium security with orders that we each be given a screening by the prison psychologist before further consideration could be given to returning us to work- release security status.

The commissioner of correction advised us in writing that DOC would review the classification process and design and implement new lifer work-release regulations to preclude future domestic tragedies. (That never occurred; for 14 years the commissioner of correction has never honored that promise.)

In 1993, the 134 lifers on work release had the best security status of all lifers; just as the DOC majors, captains, and lieutenants have the best security status of all correctional officers.

If the DOC commissioner is consistent, the Webb tragedy should result in the commissioner's order to immediately remove all DOC majors, captains, and lieutenants from their posts until they each receive screening by a prison psychologist prior to any consideration of returning them to their security status.

Now is the time for the DOC to review the classification process for supervisors and design and implement new regulations for DOC majors, captains and lieutenants to preclude future domestic tragedies.

And if there is any poetic justice in this life, the DOC majors, captains and lieutenants will themselves be waiting 14 years for the DOC Commissioner to implement new policies in response to Lt. Webb's crime.

Douglas Scott Arey
130195 6A-38B
Westover, Md.

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