Blast from the Past

August 08, 2007

Week of Aug. 5, 1957

Mrs. W. H. Stroupe of 624 George St. has a pet baby robin which just "adopted" her a week ago.

Mrs. Stroupe was walking down West Franklin Street when a young robin came hopping over to her. Mrs. Stroupe put out her hand, and the robin crawled on and hung fast. She walked to a nearby tree to put it on a limb out of reach of a nearby cat, but the robin didn't choose to let go of her hand, and refused to climb onto the limb. It was then that Mrs. Stroupe, who has a "soft heart", decided to take the young one home with her.

The robin can't fly yet, but it follows Mrs. Stroupe all over the house, and has a voracious appetite. Right now Mrs. Stroupe is planning to liberate the robin as soon as it is strong enough to fend for itself. Maybe by that time, the robin won't want to go out into the world, after having found such a nice home and generous hostess.


R. Samuel Dillon Jr., Hancock orchardist, expects to soon have a half million dollars invested in an irrigation system in his orchards. Since 1947, Mr. Dillon has spent $200,000 on spray irrigation. He is now building 11 other dams to catch more rain and spring water as it becomes available.

Mr. Dillon has 3,000 acres in peaches and apples, which ranks him with some of the country's largest orchardists. He and his father, a pioneer fruit grower in the Hancock area, have gone through ruinous droughts. The Dillon family began irrigating its orchards as far back as 1930, when there was a record dry spell.

Week of Aug. 5, 1982

Police this morning lodged additional charges against two Hagerstown men who are being held on a combined bond of more than $1 million, in connection with what police are calling the biggest one-night crime spree in Washington County history. The two suspected robbers allegedly hit the Friendly Bar and Grill in downtown Hagerstown; the Locust Point Tavern at 354 S. Potomac St.; Sheetz' Quik Shopper, 551 Jefferson St.; and the Holiday Inn on Dual Highway - all within a two-hour period beginning at about 9 p.m. Wednesday.

Nine-year-old Little Sister Trudy Klein was able to meet Pat Dumouchelle, her favorite Hagerstown Suns' player. Trudy will be at Municipal Stadium next Friday when Big Sisters Night will be held, and will throw out the first ball. Proceeds from ticket sales will be used to expand the existing programs and activities available to Big and Little Sisters of the county.

Washington County's unemployment rate rose to 13.5 percent in June, up from 12.8 percent in May, and from 9.5 percent a year ago, according to statistics.

Statewide, the unemployment rate hit 9 percent, the highest recorded figure for June since officials began keeping statistics 12 years ago.

"June figures reflect people looking for summer work and graduates entering the labor market," said a state Department of Human Resources official. "When the labor force goes up and labor does not go up comparatively, you have more people unemployed."

- Compiled by Kelly Moreno

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