Pa. artist puts feelings about London bombing on canvas

August 08, 2007|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Neville West looks at images from the July 7, 2005, bombings in London and talks about what it is like riding the bus and subway that were attacked.

West, who hails from Staffordshire, England, grew accustomed to using mass transportation in London during his time studying for the ministry and now on return trips to the country.

"We had hoped to go this year. The last time I went was three years ago," West said.

West painted scenes from the attack and interspersed them with those from the Nazi Blitz on the United Kingdom during World War II. Winston Churchill is represented along with Queen Elizabeth II and former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

West, an evangelist, plans to send copies of the painting to Blair and the queen.

"I feel such an attraction between our two countries," West said.

West, whose four brothers live in the Midlands, has visited family there and hosted relatives in his Wayne Heights, Pa., home outside Waynesboro. He hadn't feared his brothers were victims of the attack, but did check on contacts and friends in London.


"We heard it on the news. The G8 Summit was being held in Scotland, and we heard there had been an attack on the underground subway system" known as the Tube, West said.

"Of course, it brought back memories of 9/11," West said.

West included in his painting the driver of a double-decker bus who was spared.

"The whole of Europe had a two-minute silence to recognize the people who were injured and died," West said.

Below the painting is a phrase - "There'll always be an England" - from a patriotic song.

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