Boonsboro briefs

August 07, 2007|By ERIN CUNNINGHAM

Developers' rights ordinance approved

BOONSBORO - The Boonsboro Town Council voted unanimously Monday to approve an ordinance that dictates developers' rights and responsibilities.

The vote was 6-0.

A public hearing was held before the meeting to discuss the ordinance, and Mayor Charles F. "Skip" Kauffman Jr. said nobody spoke during that time.

Triad to be hired as needed as consultant

BOONSBORO - The Boonsboro Town Council voted Monday to hire an engineer/consultant on an as-needed basis.

The vote was 4-1, with Councilman Ray Grove opposed. Councilman Richard E. Hawkins Sr. abstained. The council approved the lowest bid from Triad, which is based in Hagerstown, Town Manager Debra A. Smith said.


Hawkins said that next year the town will likely hire a full-time engineer.

"We need someone desperately to look out for (the town's) needs," he said.

Homeowners ask for help with road

BOONSBORO - Some Wolfsville Common homeowners asked the Boonsboro Town Council Monday to take ownership of the road in front of their homes.

The residents said the private road was in disrepair and asked the council if they would fix the road if the residents turned it over to the town.

The Town Council said they would discuss how to proceed with that request after receiving more details from residents. Council members did vote unanimously to approve some short-term fixes for the road until a more permanent solution is decided.

Contract awarded for waterline extension

BOONSBORO - Engineering services for an Alt. U.S. 40 waterline extension were approved during Boonsboro's town meeting Monday.

The $73,980 contract was approved unanimously.

Four zoning board members reappointed

BOONSBORO - Four Boonsboro Board of Zoning Appeals members were reappointed to three-year terms Monday.

The Boonsboro Town Council voted unanimously to reappoint Linda Moser, Laura Kirby, Steve Jamison and Darrell Jones to the board.

Athletic association to receive $150

BOONSBORO - The Boonsboro Area Athletic Association will receive a gift from the Town of Boonsboro.

The town council voted unanimously Monday night to give the association $150.

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