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Why the Democrats are losers

August 04, 2007|By JOHNATHAN R. BURRS

What a pathetic group of losers those Democrat leaders are. Complain, complain, complain is all we ever hear from them, but we see very little action.

Although part of America may have spoken in the last election by giving them a slight advantage in Congress, what exactly have they done with that advantage? At the end of the day, those very same leaders who claim they stand for a new direction have done absolutely nothing except complain!

When they were the minority in Congress, all they did was complain about the policies of the Bush administration and now that they are the majority the complaining continues. When are they going to stop complaining, step up to the plate and actually do something?

My guess is they will never step up to the plate and do anything because they have no real agenda or strategy for this country other than political gain.


If it's not Nancy Pelosi calling President Bush complaining about Vice President Cheney's comments on the Democrats' strategy in Iraq, it's Hillary Clinton crying wolf about Barack Obama being nave for suggesting he'd meet unconditionally with leaders of other countries such as Syria, Iran and North Korea.

What a waste of air and lung capacity to always be complaining about things they have very little control over.

I mean think about it, why complain about comments Cheney makes regarding Democrats' strategy (or lack there of), in Iraq? What exactly did she want Bush to do, tell Cheney to apologize or take back his comments? Good luck on that one.

I've been a Dick Cheney critic for a long time now, dating back to when I served in the U.S. Army and President H.W. Bush shot down the same Iraq policy currently being used today - which was originally established by then Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney. But the one thing I must say is that I agree completely with Cheney on the fact that Democrats have no logical strategy in Iraq other than saying what most Americans want to hear. We plan on bringing the troops home.

What a crock of hogwash. Barack Obama, who previously claimed to have a plan that would significantly reduce the number of troops in Iraq in a short period of time, has produced no viable plan once he considered the unpredictable day-to-day events unfolding on the ground.

Of all the democratic "purported" leaders, Hillary has flip-flopped the most on Iraq. From stalwart hawk, to get out fast, to fast withdrawal would be a mistake, to who knows what tomorrow, Hillary has offered no legitimate and consistent opinion on Iraq indicative of her lack of credibility and readiness for the office of President.

Still, many Democrats and women's groups around the country support Clinton for president simply because she's a woman.

After reading a recent column by Charley Reese pertaining to what he assesses is the Republican War, the one thing he failed to mention was the success the Bush administration has had preventing another terrorist attack. In fact, all Democrats stay as far away from that topic as possible.

Why? Well here's my 2-cent opinion.

President Clinton had eight years to assess the situation in the Middle East, particularly the growing threat of al Qaeda. During this time, he never once came up with the idea to create a new department such as Homeland Security.

The internal problems in the government existed throughout his entire presidency yet he somehow missed this critical missing link. However, Bush figured this out during his first term as president and accordingly fixed the problem.

As a result, there has not been another attack such as Sept. 11, 2001, and the Democrats simply can't give credit where credit is due.

Instead of being proactive and addressing other areas of concern with regard to security, Democratic leaders choose to throw stones at Republicans and exploit the emotions and hysteria of the American public, something they accused the Bush administration of in previous years.

To me, this is completely unacceptable and is the reason why I feel every Democrat running for president is a pathetic loser with no more of a realistic strategy for this country than the man in the moon who manages the real estate I have for sale to Democrats - at one unbelievable price!

Jonathan R. Burrs is a Hagerstown resident who writes for The Herald-Mail.

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