Ag Expo & Fair results

August 02, 2007

Here are some of the results from the Ag Expo & Fair held last week at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center off Sharpsburg Pike:

4-H/FFA Home Arts Results

Arts, crafts and hobbies

Junior Champions (Ages 8-10)

Paintings - Erin Corbett (grand champion)

Drawings - Katherine Grahl; Ceramics - Natalie Shafer; Craft Kits - Hannah Britt; Paper Crafts - Nathan Johnson; Woodworking - Logan Unger; Decoupage - Logan Unger; Recyclable Craft - Hannah Brown; Candle Making - Rachael Roberts; Tie Dye Article - Rebekah Morales; Holiday Crafts - Erin Corbett; String Art - Logan Unger; Nature Craft - Nathan Johnson; Fabric Painting - Erin Corbett; Stenciling - Erin Corbett; Stamp Art - Kara Burkett; Self-determined Crafts - Rachael Roberts; Knit/Crochet - Kara Burkett; Collections - Logan Unger; Hobby - Kiley Slimmer

Scrapbook/Memory Book - Emma Conrey

Intermediate Champions (Ages 11-13)

Paintings - Kaitlyn Corbett; Drawings - Caitlyn Wilson; Artificial Flower - Levi Stone; Ceramics - Danielle Gallupe; Craft Kits - Mark Johnson; Woodworking - Mark Johnson; Decoupage - Brenna Jones; Wall Hanging - Kaitlyn Corbett; Metal Craft - Rachel Grahl; Recyclable Craft - Nicholas Ward; Candle Making - Sarah Morales; Tie Dye Article - Levi Stone; Holiday Crafts - Kaitlyn Corbett; String Art - Sarah Morales; Nature Craft - Levi Stone; Fabric Painting - Kaitlyn Corbett; Stenciling - Kaitlyn Corbett; Stamp Art - Rachel House; Self-determined Crafts - Abigail Roberts; Knit/Crochet - Rachel Grahl; Collections - Nicholas Ward; Hobby - Kristin Kelly; Scrapbook/Memory Book - Caitlyn Wilson (grand champion)


Senior Champions (Ages 14-18)

Paintings - Hannah House; Drawings - Hannah House; Artificial Flowers - Emilee Grahl; Craft Kits - Brenna House; Woodworking - Ben Kelly; Dcoupage - Brenna House; Wall Hanging - Shane Burkett; Metal Crafts - Deborah Britt; Recyclable Craft - Kyle Burkett; Tie Dye Article - Brenna House; Holiday Craft - Shane Burkett; String Art - Emilee Grahl; Nature Craft - Emilee Grahl; Fabric Painting - Emilee Grahl; Stenciling - Deborah Britt; Self-determined Crafts - Ben Kelly; (grand champion) Hobby - Ben Kelly; Scrapbook/Memory Book - Brenna House

Alpaca Champions

Fleece - Abigail Roberts (grand champion); Alpaca Crafts - Kathleen Michaels


Indoor Gardening Champions

House Plant, Flowering - Deborah Britt; House Plant, Non-flowering - Joseph Rohr; Arrangement, Silk/Dried Flower - Joseph Rohr; Arrangement, Fresh Flowers - Kara Burkett; Perennial Flowers/Foliage - Joseph Rohr; Container Garden - Mark Johnson; Terrarium, Cactus - Kara Burkett (grand champion)

Garden and Field Champions

Beans, Snap Green - Caitlyn Wilson; Cabbage - Kaitlyn Shirk; Cantaloupes - Rachel House; Cucumbers - Abigail Roberts; Corn - Eric Yetter; Onions, Yellow - Tracey Forsythe; Peppers - Charles Grab III; Potatoes - Tim Frey; Pumpkin - Corinne Burk; Squash - Justin Martin (grand champion); Tomatoes, Green - Rachel House; Tomatoes, Red - Katie Frey; Tomatoes, Cherry - Kaitlyn Shirk; Vegetable, Unusual Variety - Michelle Wallace; Mint - Caitlyn Wilson; Vegetable Garden Display - Tracey Forsythe

Food preparation

Cake Champions

Champion Box Cake - Briar Graybill; Champion Chocolate Cake - Ben Kelly; Reserve Champion Chocolate Cake - Breanna Jones; Champion Yellow/White Cake - Ben Kelly; Reserve Champion Yellow/White Cake - Breanna Jones; Champion Pound Cake - Kaitlyn Corbett; Reserve Champion Pound Cake - Sabrina Smith; Champion Spice Cake - Brooke Graybill Champion Red Velvet Cake - Ben Kelly; Champion Applesauce Cake - Joel Reynolds; Champion Carrot Cake - Kaitlyn Corbett (grand champion); Reserve Champion Carrot Cake - Tatian Smith

Champion Iced Cupcakes - Kaitlyn Shirk; Champion Gingerbread - Hannah House; Champion Angel Food Cake - Hannah House; Champion Cake Made with Mix - Ben Kelly

Decorated Cake Champions

Champion Decorated Cake - Sarah Reid; Reserve Champion; Decorated Cake - Kelsey Smith; Champion Other Edible Craft - Hannah House (grand champion)

Candy Champions

Chocolate Fudge without Nuts - Rebekah Morales; Peanut Butter Fudge - Breanna Jones; Potato Candy - Rebekah Shirk; Nut Brittle - Rachel House (grand champion)

Cookie Champions

Bar Cookies - Ben Kelly; Brownies - Alexa Vetter (grand champion); Chocolate Chip Cookies - Katie Frey; Drop Cookies - Breanna Jones; Molded Cookies - Breanna Jones; No-bake Cookies - Katie Frey; Peanut Butter Cookies - Tatian Smith; Pressed Cookies - Kristin Kelly; Refrigerator Cookies - Breanna Jones; Rolled Cookies - Rachel House

Pie Champions

Fruit Pie - Sarah Morales; Other Pie - Sarah Morales

Bread Champions Champion Quick, Vegetable &/or Nut - Erin Corbett Reserve Champion; Quick, Vegetable &/or Nut - Abigail Roberts

Champion Yeast Breads or Rolls - Kaitlyn Corbett

Champion Muffins, Fruit - Brenna House Reserve Champion; Muffins, Fruit - Caitlyn Wilson

Champion Machine Item - Brenna House

Food Preservation Champions

Tomato Sauce - Kaitlyn Shirk; Pickles - Rebekah Shirk; Jam, Strawberry - Brenna House (grand champion)

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