Washington County Ag Expo & Fair results

August 02, 2007

Results from Washington County Ag Expo & Fair, which was last week at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center on Md. 65 south of Hagerstown:

4-H English Horse Show

Junior Showmanship Champion: Nathan Johnson

Senior Showmanship Champion: Danielle Marshall

Pony Conformation Champion: Kelsey Smith

Mare Conformation Champion: McCall Griffith

Gelding Conformation Champion: Matthew Harbaugh

Pleasure All-Day, Walk-Trot: McCall Griffith

Pleasure All-Day, Junior: Laikyn Cook

Pleasure All-Day, Senior: Katherine McCormick


Pleasure Seat, Walk-Trot: McCall Griffith

Pleasure Seat, Junior : Laikyn Cook

Pleasure Seat, Senior: Danielle Marshall

Command Break Out, Walk-Trot: Nathan Johnson

Command Break Out, Junior: Laikyn Cook

Command Break Out, Senior: Megan Thompson

Hunter Over Fences, Junior: Carlyn Pate

Hunter Over Fences, Senior: Danielle Marshall

Pleasure Over Fences, Walk-Trot: McCall Griffith

Pleasure Over Fences, Junior: Kelsey Smith

Pleasure Over Fences, Senior: Danielle Marshall

Trail, Walk-Trot: McCall Griffith

Trail, Junior: Lilli Sutton

Trail, Senior: Katherine McCormick

Dressage, Walk-Trot: McCall Griffith

Dressage, Junior: Lilli Sutton

Dressage, Senior: Katherine McCormick

4-H Beef Showmanship

1st-Year Champion: Matthew Burcker

1st-Year Reserve Champion: Blake Bandeff

Junior Champion: Jordan Davis

Junior Reserve Champion: McCall Griffith

Intermediate Champion: Lonnie Thomas

Intermediate Reserve Champion: Tiffany Bowman

Senior Champion: Donnie Stoy

Senior Reserve Champion: Brittany Bowman

Grand Champion Challenge: Karlie Hose

4-H Breeding Sheep Show


Champion Ewe: Erin Canfield

Reserve Champion Ewe: Erin Canfield


Champion Ewe: Kaitlyn Corbett

Reserve Champion Ewe: Erin Corbett

Natural Colored

Champion Ewe: Erin Canfield

Commercial Cross Bred Breeding Class

Champion Ram: Timothy Frey

Reserve Champion Ram: Katie Frey

Champion Ewe: Kaitlyn Corbett

Reserve Champion Ewe: Timothy Frey

Supreme Ewe: Erin Canfield

Supreme Ram: Erin Canfield

Open Class Breeding Sheep Show


Champion Ram: Joe Frey

Champion Ewe: Joe Frey

Reserve Champion Ewe: Joe Frey


Champion Ram: Hannah Canfield

Reserve Champion Ram: Danielle Moore

Champion Ewe: Danielle Moore

Reserve Champion Ewe: Danielle Moore


Champion Ram: Erin Canfield

Champion Ewe: Erin Canfield

Reserve Champion Ewe: Erin Canfield


Champion Ram: Kelly Varac

Reserve Champion Ram: Kelly Varac

Champion Ewe: Kelly Varac

Reserve Champion Ewe: Kelly Varac

Natural Colored

Champion Ewe: Erin Canfield

Commercial Cross Bred Breeding Class

Champion Ram: Debbie Miller

Reserve Champion Ram: Timothy Frey

Champion Ewe: Debbie Miller

Reserve Champion Ewe: Debbie Miller

Supreme Ram: Debbie Miller

Supreme Ewe: Joe Frey

Champion Wool Fleece: Kathy Dobson-Conner

4-H Sheep Showmanship

Pre-Junior Champion: Eric Bender

Pre-Junior Champion: Jill Bender

Pre-Junior Champion: Carson Poffenberger

Pre-Junior Champion: Tyler Poffengerger

Junior Champion: Erin Corbett

Intermediate Champion: Kaitlyn Corbett

Senior Champion: Karlie Hose

Grand Champion Showman: Erin Canfield

4-H/FFA Market Steer Show

Champion Angus: Dylan Coulter

Reserve Champion Angus: Brittany Bowman

Champion British Cross: Valerie Mason

Reserve Champion British Cross: Lonnie Thomas

Champion Exotic Cross: Donnie Stoy

Reserve Champion Exotic Cross: Karlie Hose

Champion Hereford: Dylan Coulter

Reserve Champion Hereford: Brittany Bowman

Champion Limousin: Danny Thomas

Reserve Champion Limousin: Jordan Davis

Champion Shorthorn: Lonnie Thomas

Reserve Champion Shorthorn: Ryan Burcker

Champion Simmental: Taylor Thompson

Reserve Champion Simmental: Megan Thompson

Grand Champion Market Steer: Donnie Stoy

Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer: Dylan Coulter

Open Class Home Arts and agricultural products

Ag products

Grand Champion Field Products: Ralph Hamby, Williamsport.

Champion Corn: Jesse Planck, Keedysville.

Champion Grain & Seed Crops: Ralph Hamby, Williamsport.

Champion Hay & Straw: Ralph Hamby, Williamsport.

Champion Honey: Brian O'Neil, Keedysville.

Fresh fruits

Grand Champion Fruits: Christine Forsythe, Williamsport.

Champion Peach: Christine Forsythe, Williamsport.

Champion Apple: Christine Forsythe, Williamsport.

Garden products

Grand Champion Garden Products: Ronald Schetrompf, Williamport.

Champion Vegetables: Ronald Schetrompf, Williamsport.

Champion Garden Display: Christine Forsythe, Williamsport.

Champion Nuts and Seeds: Kathy Dobson-Conner, Sabillasville, Md.


Grand Champion Horticulture: Joanna Calimer, Waynesboro, Pa.

Champion Cut Flowers: Betty Byers, Hagerstown.

Champion Potted Plants & Arrangements: Joanna Calimer, Waynesboro

Champion Herbs: Susan Stull, Hagerstown.

Food preservation

Grand Champion Food Preservation: Janet Rohrer, Boonsboro.

Champion Canned Fruits and Vegetables: Janet Rohrer, Boonsboro.

Champion Soft Spreads: Janet Rohrer, Boonsboro.

Champion Pickles, Relishes, Salsas: Desirae Churchey, Sharpsburg.

Champion Dried and Miscellaneous Foods: Sandy O'Neil, Keedysville.

Baked goods and candies

Grand Champion Baked Goods and Candies: Wendy Price, Keedysville.

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