Ag Expo & Fair cattle results

August 01, 2007

The following are corrected results from last week's Ag Expo & Fair at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center off Sharpsburg PIke:

4-H Dairy Cattle Show 2007


Pre-Junior Champion: Sydney Davis

Junior Champion: Rachel Wiles

Intermediate Champion: Scott DeBaugh

Senior Champion: Katherine McCormick

Overall Champion: Katherine McCormick


Junior Champion: Katherine McCormick


Junior Reserve Champion: Katherine McCormick

Senior Champion: Katherine McCormick

Reserve Senior Champion: Katherine McCormick

Grand Champion: Katherine McCormick

Reserve Grand Champion: Katherine McCormick

Brown Swiss

Junior Champion: Ashley DiMaggio

Junior Reserve Champion: Gene Wiles

Senior Champion: Tatian Smith

Senior Reserve Champion: Morgan Smith

Grand Champion: Tatian Smith

Reserve Grand Champion: Morgan Smith


Junior Champion: Ashley DiMaggio

Junior Reserve Champion: Ashley DiMaggio

Grand Champion: Ashley DiMaggio

Reserve Grand Champion: Ashley DiMaggio


Junior Champion: Cory DeBaugh

Junior Reserve Champion: Tessa Wiles

Senior Champion: Scott DeBaugh

Senior Reserve Champion: Carol DeBaugh

Grand Champion: Scott DeBaugh

Reserve Grand Champion: Carol DeBaugh


Junior Champion: Tracey Forsythe

Junior Reserve Champion: Carly Shaw

Senior Champion: Tracey Forsythe

Senior Reserve Champion: Carly Shaw

Grand Champion: Tracey Forsythe

Reserve Grand Champion: Carly Shaw


Senior Champion: Kaitlyn Corbett

Grand Champion: Kaitlyn Corbett

4-H Supreme Dairy Animal

Scott DeBaugh

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