Ag Expo & Fair results

July 31, 2007

The following are some of the results from the Ag Expo & Fair held last week at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center.

4-H Dairy Goat Show 2007


Pre-Junior Champion - Morgan Thompson

Junior Champion - Lindsey Beckley

Intermediate Champion - Zachary Faith

Senior Champion - Dani Young

Grand Champion Showmanship - Dani Young


Junior Champion - Lindsey Beckley


Junior Reserve Champion - Laura Forsythe

Senior Champion - Lindsey Beckley

Senior Reserve Champion - Laura Forsythe

Grand Champion - Lindsey Beckley

Reserve Grand Champion - Laura Forsythe


Senior Champion - Zachary Faith

Senior Reserve Champion - Zachary Faith

Grand Champion - Zachary Faith

Reserve Grand Champion - Zachary Faith

Recorded Grade

Junior Champion - Katie Frey

Junior Reserve Champion - Timmy Frey

Senior Champion - Katie Frey

Senior Reserve Champion - Katie Frey

Grand Champion - Katie Frey

Reserve Grand Champion - Katie Frey


Junior Champion - Dani Young

Junior Reserve Champion - Sara Reid

Senior Champion - Dani Young

Grand Champion - Dani Young

Reserve Grand Champion - Dani Young


Junior Champion - Rose Froelich

Grand Champion - Rose Froelich

Supreme Doe - Lindsey Beckley

Open Class Holstein Cattle Show 2007

Junior Champion - Gene Wiles

Reserve Junior Champion - Cory DeBaugh

Senior Champion - Carol DeBaugh

Reserve Senior Champion - Michael Forsythe

Grand Champion - Carol DeBaugh

Reserve Grand Champion - Michael Forsythe

Best Three Females - Tracey Forsythe, Linden Hall

Dam & Daughter - Scott DeBaugh, DeBaugh Farms

4-H Dog Show 2007


Subnovice Junior Champion - Morgan Angle

Novice Senior Champion - Sara Angle


Intermediate Champion - Joseph Hoffman

Grand Champion - Sara Angle

Reserve Grand Champion - Morgan Angle

4-H Western Horse Show 2007

Junior Showmanship Champion - Demi Jacques

Mare Conformation Champion - Demi Jacques

Western Pleasure, Walk-Jog - Kiley Slimmer

Western Pleasure, Junior - Tara Jacques

Western Pleasure, Senior - Marie Grossnickle

Seat Equitation, Walk-Jog - Kiley Slimmer

Seat Equitation, Junior - Tara Jacques

Seat Equitation, Senior - Marie Grossnickle

Command Break Out, Walk-Jog - Kiley Slimmer

Command Break Out, Junior - Sara Angle

Command Break Out, Senior - Marie Grossnickle

Horsemanship, Junior - Tara Jacques

Trail, Walk-Jog - Megan Gossard

Trail, Junior - Tara Jacques

Western Riding, Junior - Sara Angle

Western Riding, Senior - Marie Grossnickle

Cloverleaf Barrels, Senior - Marie Grossnickle

Pole Bending, Senior - Marie Grossnickle

Open Class Meat Goat Show 2007

Junior Doe Full Blood/Purebred Champion - Shirley Rhodes

Reserve Junior Doe Full Blood/Purebred Champion - Umes Farm

Senior Doe Full Blood/Purebred Champion - Umes Farm

Overall Doe Full Blood/Purebred Champion - Shirley Rhodes

Senior Full Blood/Purebred Buck Champion - Richard Hovermale

Overall Full Blood/Purebred Buck Champion - Richard Hovermale

Junior Percentage Champion - Umes Farm

Senior Percentage Doe Champion - Lori Young

Overall Percentage Champion - Lori Young

Junior Commercial Meat Champion - Richard Hovermale

Senior Commercial Meat Champion - Shannon Uzelac

Overall Commercial Meat Champion - Richard Hovermale

4-H Meat Goat Show 2007

Champion Showmanship - Ryan Corgard

Dairy Meat Goat Champion - Jesse Britt

Dairy Meat Goat Reserve Champion - Lindsey Beckley

Meat Goat Champion - Lauren Corgard

Meat Goat Reserve Champion - Derek Wiles

Commercial Breeding Does Champion - Dani Young

Commercial Breeding Does Reserve Champion - Lauren Corgard

Fashion Revue 2007

1st Place Champions

Kara Burkett, Brenna House Hannah House, Rachel House Breanna Jones, Kristin Kelly, Macayla Wiles and Caitlyn Wilson

Sports/Casual Wear Champion - Brenna House

Separates Champion - Hannah House

13-year-old Champion - Breanna Jones

Open Class Dairy Goat 2007

Alpine Show

Senior Champion - Gwen Musselman

Senior Reserve Champion - Gwen Musselman

Junior Champion - Becky Dilelle

Junior Reserve Champion - Gwen Musselman

Lamancha Show

Senior Champion - Teresa Russell

Senior Reserve Champion - Ann Weikel

Junior Champion - Teresa Russell

Junior Reserve Champion - Kathleen Anders-Musser

Nubian Show

Senior Champion - Ashley Kangas

Senior Reserve Champion - Carol Taylor

Junior Champion - Alyssa Weigle

Junior Reserve Champion - Carol Taylor

Oberhasli Show

Senior Champion - Linda Anders

Senior Reserve Champion - Katie Wolf

Junior Champion - Steve Anders

Saanen Show

Senior Champion - Marcella Waterman

Senior Reserve Champion - Emelia Maloid

Junior Champion - Capricorn Farms

Junior Reserve Champion - Emelia Maloid

Toggenburg Show

Senior Champion - Ann Weikel

Senior Reserve Champion - Ann Weikel

Junior Champion - Tracy Garns

Junior Reserve Champion - Tracy Garns

Recorded Grade

Senior Champion - Kathleen Anders-Musser

Senior Reserve Champion - Aleaha Weigle

Junior Champion - Timmy Frey

Junior Reserve Champion - Kathleen Anders-Musser

Best Senior Doe - Teresa Russell

Best Junior Doe - Teresa Russell

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