Beaver Creek Country Club fully back to business

July 27, 2007|By ANDREW SCHOTZ

BEAVER CREEK - One month after dozens of people got sick at Beaver Creek Country Club, it received a clean bill of health on Friday and fully reopened.

Patrick Steiner, the club's president and CEO, said the Washington County Health Department gave the club permission to reopen its food and beverage operations.

In a short span in June, the health department received more than 80 reports of people with gastrointestinal illnesses; many said they recently had been at the club.

The health department inspected the club and found breaks in the line in the septic system, department spokesman Rod MacRae has said.


On June 21, the department ordered the club, which uses a well, to stop its kitchen and food service.

The next day, the club's pool was shut down, but it reopened a day later, Steiner has said.

The club fixed the septic line right away.

MacRae said tests of stool samples from people who were sick seemed to point to a viral infection, but nothing was conclusive.

"I don't know that we ever came up with a specific source," he said Friday.

The health department was satisfied when the country club made improvements to its well head and water supply and thoroughly cleaned its kitchen, MacRae said.

Steiner said Thursday that the club made "extensive" repairs. It now has a small water treatment plant, and an employee is certified as a water treatment engineer, he said.

"Modifications to the well, along with our chlorinator + ultraviolet light purification system and continuous monitoring devices[,] have been installed," a notice on the club's Web site said Friday.

Two weddings scheduled at the club the first weekend it was closed were held elsewhere in the area.

Since then, a third wedding and the Washington County Sports Hall of Fame banquet also had to be moved to other venues, Steiner said.

Other customers have held onto future reservations, though, hoping that the club would reopen in time for their functions, Steiner said.

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