Whether it's first year or 20, excitement at Ag Expo continues

July 27, 2007|By SHANNON EPPS

WASHINGTON COUNTY - Hagerstown resident Shirley Mills smiled as she watched her 3-year-old grandson, Ryan Gusciora, look at the pigs in the pen next to them.

"We went and petted every animal we could find, more than once," Mills said.

They visited the Washington County Ag Expo & Fair on Thursday to see the animals and to see if they could ride on the monster trucks, she said.

Mills said Ryan has enjoyed playing games and seeing the animals.

Mills has been going to Ag Expo for four years.

"This is just so fantastic," she said. "We just love it."

Tami Topper of Gettysburg, Pa., stood with her father, eating a flavored ice treat after they finished judging the poultry show on Thursday at the Washington County Ag Expo & Fair.

"We were always involved in poultry growing up," said Topper, 21, explaining that she judges to help the youths who show their poultry.


Topper's father has been raising poultry for about 25 years, and she studies animal science at Penn State University.

"I like getting to meet some of the people (at Ag Expo), and the food's always a plus," Topper said.

Joey Hoffman of Hagerstown, accompanied by his parents, examined various exhibits under the Ag Ventures and Birthing Center tent on Thursday.

Joey, 11, showed dogs and chickens at the Washington County Ag Expo & Fair. His mother, Judy Hoffman, translated for Joey, who is hearing-impaired.

"This is my first time here competing," he said.

Joining the family were two of their dogs - Petey, a light brown poodle, and Phoebe, a black and white Boston terrier.

"Tomorrow, I get to take one chicken and sell it for the meat market," Joey said with a big smile. "It'll be my first time."

Judy Spielman walked near the resting cows on Thursday as her 4-year-old granddaughter, Abby, gazed at the animals.

"She just loves the animals and the horses," Spielman said.

Her husband, Hal Spielman, is the president of Washington County Ag Expo & Fair. She said she has been going to the event for about 20 years.

"We've been involved for a number of years, and our children showed lambs and hogs and beef cattle, so we're all involved in it," she said.

Spielman said she enjoys watching her grandchildren interact with the animals.

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