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A wry look at Mail Call / You Said It

A wry look at Mail Call / You Said It

July 27, 2007

"To my amazement, when the waitress came to me and took my order, she gave the cook the order, which was a young girl with dark hair pulled back, very neat."

Just what kind of restaurant was this?

"For future reference, don't give the coupons to somebody that expires one day only. Basically it tends to make us aggravated."

There's nothing worse than an angry ghost who didn't get the bargain they wanted.

"I would like to know why that drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes is legal, but marijuana is not, when cigarettes give you lung cancer, alcohol gives you liver disease. Marijuana has a less effect on the lungs, and no liver problems that I can see, and it gives you just about the same effect that alcohol does. I would just like to know why. Thank you." - Hagerstown

Gee, maybe marijuana kills your brain cells?

"Also I'd like to know how many white teens are getting pregnant, which would be the girls . . ." - Hagerstown


Yes. Yes, they would be girls, I'm pretty sure.

"If you knew how much this stuff goes on and it's covered up, you wouldn't know anything."

Who knew?

Redundancy School for the Redundant graduates:

"Low income poor person"

High-five to these callers:

"I'd like to thank our men and women in the military for what they're doing for our country. People around here cry if we get a couple of hot, humid days, and they could jump in their swimming pool or sit inside in the air conditioning all day. Think of how these soldiers feel, carrying their packs and their protection and weapons. They're doing that for our freedom. Just remember that, and quit crying, because they're working for us." - Broadfording Road

"I'm calling in response to the person that's upset about the cars being locked up with their animals left inside. Yes, I've seen that many times. I've called the police on them and I've gotten their license plate numbers. Next time you see that, get their license plate numbers and call the police. I think you can also call the number for the humane society. Just get their license plate numbers and report them. That's a terrible thing, I know." - Greencastle, Pa.

"I'm watching the 5 o'clock local news here on Thursday, and I cannot believe the low percentage of people that are taking advantage of the recycling here in Hagerstown. It's just unbelievable the people that just don't participate in this. I think they said it was 11 percent, 11 to 17 percent of the people here in Hagerstown. Everything is given to you to recycle with. You don't even have to do anything but just separate your newspapers and your plastics and your glass." - Hagerstown

"I would like to reply to the callers in the July 16 column regarding kindergarten students. These callers do not believe it is the parents' responsibility to prepare their children for school. I'm sorry, but if it is not your responsibility, whose is it? These are your children. You decided to have them. No one is asking them to be rocket scientists. Turn on Sesame Street instead of Jerry Springer, play a learning game with them or read a book to them. Spend an hour or two day with your child and they will be prepared for school. And guess what - if you do this every day for the rest of their lives, they will be better prepared for life. This child is your child. It is your responsibility to do everything within your power to send a well-adjusted child into society." - Maugansville

Kelly Moreno is an editorial assistant for The Herald-Mail.

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