Attendees find plenty to like at Ag Expo

July 24, 2007|By CATHERINE SUDUE

Karaoke from the sidelines

Dressed appropriately for the weather was Julie Webb of Big Pool. As she trotted along in her pink tank top, shorts and shades, she chewed her gum and smiled.

"I've attended the Ag Expo about seven years and the tractor pull around four or five times, and it's excellent," said Webb.

Webb is looking forward to many of the festivities that the Ag Expo has to offer. She is excited about the karaoke competition the most.


"I'm not doing karaoke, but it is fun watching everyone go up on stage and seeing everyone enjoy themselves," said Webb.

Ready for the pull

As Nelson Snider walked past some tractors in the parking lot, he looked across the field to see the tractor pull.

"I did this back in the '70s, and I just started back up again," Snider said.

Wearing a navy blue hat to fight off the sun's hot rays and construction boots for more security in the tractor pull competition, Snider believes that tractor pulling is a fun sport.

He has attended the tractor pull at the expo for five years and said it's a great event.

His only complaint this year: "They need food here."

Pulling for the family

As she stopped at a distance to see the tractor pull, Dacia Cook ate some french fries smothered in ketchup.

"I am here because I came to watch my husband's tractor and my sister-in-law's," Cook said of her first visit to Ag Expo. "They're competing today in the tractor competition."

Cook is mostly looking forward to videotaping her husband as he competes on the dusty grounds of the tractor pull competition.

Love that 'country feel'

As she walked through the parking lot with Don Davis and her two children, Robin McLeod laughed at her son, Bradyn McLeod. Seated in his stroller, Bradyn covered his ears with both hands to tune out the sounds of the tractors.

"Bradyn doesn't like the noise of the tractors too much," Robin said as she smiled.

As Robin experienced the Ag Expo for the first time, she said her favorite part of the day was watching her children interact with the farm animals.

"I like the animals," she said. "The expo gives children a country feel. It's kind of nice to have that."

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