You Said It

July 23, 2007

"As a 'Harry Potter' fanatic and a middle-aged person with a college degree in science, may I say: 'Harry Potter' is not about physics. 'Harry Potter' is about magic."

"I went out to my mailbox yesterday and guess what I found there? Yep, a couple more phone books. The red ones this time. And there's still yellow ones lying there. I threw some away, but there's still more lying there. So who's gonna pick them up? Not me. Whoever put them there had better come back and pick them up. I don't want them, don't need them or didn't ask for them. So come pick them back up."

- Washington County

"I was wondering if Washington County has a tornado warning system in effect or hurricane warnings? I know in the '60s, we had the Civil Defense with the sirens, but as far as now, I know now if there is an impending tornado on the ground in a certain area, there is no system in effect to warn the public if they are outside working. I was just wondering if our County Commissioners could put something like the old Civil Defense system back in effect."


- Fountain Head

"It's my understanding that the head dog of Social Security happened to find out that we have 48 illegal people here from Iran working for state government and the U.S. government, and about three times that many Chinese nationals who are here illegal. Now if you or I wanted to get a job with the federal government, we'd have to go through an act of Congress, and we were born here, so where's Homeland Security doing anything for us? Not a thing. So when you vote, remember this. It doesn't matter what party it is. Neither of them are looking out for our welfare, and Congress is using our Social Security to do what they want with."

- Waynesboro, Pa.

"Would somebody please call in to (You Said It) - preferably Republican - and explain to me why when a Republican does something, it's OK? Now they had an all-night session, a debate, back in 2004, when they were in control of Congress, and that was fine. The Democrats do it, and it's theatrical. Now I'd like a Republican to call in to (You Said It) and explain to me why it's OK for you all to do it and not the Democrats, please."

- Hagerstown

"I'd like to thank our men and women in the military for what they're doing for our country. People around here cry if we get a couple of hot, humid days, and they could jump in their swimming pool or sit inside in the air conditioning all day. Think of how these soldiers feel, carrying their packs and their protection and weapons. They're doing that for our freedom. Just remember that, and quit crying, because they're working for us."

- Broadfording Road

"This goes out to the people that went to the Taylor Hicks concert. I can't believe that people paid between $60 and $90 to go see somebody that was on a TV show that really had no business being on there. He has no singing talent at all. That you would pay $60 to $90 to go see him when some of the big country stars and some of the other kind of bands that are very popular, you can go see them for a lot less, it just baffles me."

"I think we should bring all of our people back over from the war over in the other country and just have them come over here to fight, so at least we know who we'd be killing instead of second-guessing. The media is always putting their nose into it and saying who we kill and who we can't kill. You gotta look over your shoulder who you shoot. We should have all of our guys come back here and let them come on our soil. Then we know we can kill without any second questions."

- Boonsboro

"Usually I'm mad about something stupid going on in the world, but tonight I just want to say that I really do wish from the bottom of my heart that people could live in peace and love one another, and that there would be no such things as wars and killings and racism. I think it's awful that we all just can't live in peace and live healthy, normal lives. It just makes me sad to think that it's not like that. I may be angry tomorrow, but now I'm just very sorry."

- Maugansville

"Hillary wrote a thesis in college on a socialist labor leader. Bill didn't want anyone to see it. He kept it hidden during his election. Hillary wants shared government. About two weeks ago, I sent in a few articles about Hillary, and they weren't printed. Why? You're afraid it's gonna ruin her election?"

- Funkstown

"To the article that is in today's morning paper, Thursday, July 19, the person from Maugansville: No one said that the parents weren't responsible for helping to get their children ready for kindergarten, but the way the local newspaper read is that they had to know 13,000 vocabulary words, and we prepare our children for everything in life. Please, all we're saying is we shouldn't have to worry about our children knowing 13,000 words to enter kindergarten. So every day in our lives for the rest of our lives, we do prepare our children for everything, and we love them dearly."

- Maugansville

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