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July 23, 2007

Last week's question:

President Lyndon Johnson's widow, Lady Bird, recently died. One of her passions was the beautification of public places. What public space in this area, as opposed to private property, could use some beautification?

· Hagerstown cares about beautification? Since when? All they care about is annexation of just about everything to put up more baloney. We don't need more hotels and restaurants. I'll say in the next 20 years there wont be any fields left in this area - it will be one big doggone shopping plaza!

· I would like to see Hagerstown's City Park planted with more flowering shrubs and flowers and once again bring it back to the condition that the grounds were in when the Park Arts Festival was held there.


· The City of Hagerstown has recently made an effort to plant new trees to beautify public places.

Unfortunately the dozen trees that were planted on the corner of Frederick Street and Bowman Avenue have never been watered and are slowly dying.

I've e-mailed the City of Hagerstown, tried to telephone and gotten no reply. It's sad to see all the effort they put into planting and then do not follow-up with routine watering.

· Do something with the front of the old Hagerstown power plant. The view out-of-town visitors are seeing going to the Suns' games doesn't leave a good impression of our city.

· The Dual Highway (U.S. 40 East) from Interstate 70 on out to Greenbrier State Park.

· All of the downtown area.

· I think we could use a inside water park that could be used year round. A lot of the major cities already have them and they include a "lazy river. "

Where the power plant is would be a great spot or where the old Sears building is. Most people are so bored around here with eating establishments and hotels. People ask me if this area is just for eating and sleeping.

· I think it's a lost cause.

This week's question:

Washington County's excise tax law now exempts additions, farm construction and elderly and work-force housing from payment. Should those exemptions be retained or eliminated?

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