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What Do You Think?

July 22, 2007

Editor's note: Each week, The Herald-Mail invites readers to answer poll questions on its Web site, Readers also may submit comments about the poll question when voting. Each Sunday, a sampling of edited reader comments will run in The Herald-Mail.

There were two poll questions last week. The first question was: Should the U.S. House of Representatives have set a deadline to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq?

"Thanks Herald-Mail, for a question of substance. Knowing this area, it'll probably be split about 60/40 against the war, whereas nationally, old Bushie has about a 29 percent approval rating ... the lowest EVER. Vote Republican and these neocons will only create more terrorists for our children to deal with. Vote Democrat and pray they can clean up the mess the Republicans always leave for them."

"The election last year showed the American people want a change of direction. The president refuses to listen or consider for a minute he is wrong. The trillions of money being spent on this war could be used to better protect our borders to ensure our own safety. A new president is needed and a new direction for homeland security is needed that will protect American people. Bring the troops home on a unannounced date. We will never win this war, but will only continue to bring sorrow and grief to American families who will lose their sons, daughters, husbands and wives in a war that is unjust."


"While I would think retaliation for 9/11 would be a good thing (had Iraq had a BLAMED thing to do with 9/11), but it's time for this fraudulent war to end. ... The Middle East just has another 5 years or so of reasons to HATE the U.S. They hate us on the very principle of our existence. Nothing is going to change that. Staying in a war we had no business starting is only making things worse for the people HERE at home. The next president should issue a formal apology in their acceptance speech and start rebuilding our international reputation ..."

"America did not go to war under false pretenses against a sovereign nation. Iraq is far from a sovereign nation. As Islam thinks that anyone that is not Islamic is an infidel. Saddam dared us to come after him by not allowing inspectors to check Iraq as was stated by the U.N. resolution (That in itself was a call for war). The U.N. did not back the U.S. as they should have. Instead, they all ran scared ... except for America's true friend ... Tony Blair. In times of trial and tribulation, we find who our REAL friends are. Surely not Russia, France, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Africa ... just to name a few."

"If Iraq is not that important, why is al-Qaida pouring so much resources into it? One other question is could it be possible that we have not had another attack on our soil because al-Qaida is in fact pouring everything it has into Iraq because it believes that letting Iraq become a free democratic nation would be very detrimental to their fight? I just wonder if we had not invaded Iraq if we would still not have had another attack on U.S. soil. Just something to think about. I think too many times people try to turn the Iraq war into something much simpler than in fact it is. I personally have mixed feelings about staying or pulling out."

"Iraq will turn into another Afghan nation pre -9/11. It's to late to say you changed your mind about the war when the troops have already taken over the country. We should start handing over control to those regions who are able to defend themselves and do a gradual decline of troops. There are some of us who have loved ones over there who believe in what they are doing. They fear the country will turn against them like it did during Vietnam."

"This space is too small to make even the most important statements of fact about the current administration. No Republican running for national office will get my vote in the next election, if there is a next election. That is just a small part of President Bush's legacy."

"Got one thing to say: Bring The Troops Home."

"We need no deadline to bring the troops home from Iraq. What we need is bin Laden's head. Once we get this desert rat, the war will peter down and his followers will run to their caves and hills."

"I am from a military family. ... People are forgetting when 9/11 happened, everyone wanted something done. Most people that are against the war were glued to the TV set when we bombed Iraq glad that something was being done. Most politicians wanted it. I say fight terrorism wherever it is. Finish what we started ... Have we been attacked since?"

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