Seman steps down as Rebels boys basketball coach

July 20, 2007|by DAN KAUFFMAN

Dennis Seman resigned as South Hagerstown boys basketball coach on Wednesday, ending a three-year run with the Rebels.

Seman compiled a 20-48 record in his three seasons, going 5-18 in 2004-05, 7-16 the following year and 8-14 this past season.

"I really was very happy with the progress this team was making," Seman said. "Jimmy Winters, the boosters and Mike Tesla are the best group of people I have ever worked with in my 14 years as a coach, hands down. That's a sad part to leaving, because of how supportive they've been."

Seman and his wife Katharine - who resigned from her position as South's band director - are making the move to Carolina Forest High School in Myrtle Beach, S.C., closer to their roots.


Seman accepted a job to teach 12th-grade English, and is in line to take over the boys basketball program at the school, one of the largest in South Carolina.

"This is probably for a basketball coach a premier coaching position," Seman said. "By the beginning of 2008, it's going to be the 12th largest school in the state with over 3,000 students, which is what makes it more attractive."

In addition to moving closer to home, Seman pointed to other differences as a factor in his decision.

"The state of Maryland and Washington County has too many restrictions on what you can do during the summer," he said. "You cannot coach your kids in drills or in open gym outside of the season. In South Carolina, the entire month of July is an open period. I watched them have a full practice, and that was the selling point, that I could be involved with my kids on a year-round basis.

"In Washington Coounty, band teachers receive no stipend for the work they do after school, and they're expected to do marching band. In South Carolina, they get $5,000 to do marching band.

"It sounds like I'm slamming Washington County and I'm not. There's just more opportunities for us professionally down there that makes the coaching and teaching more desirable."

Tesla, the Rebels' athletic director, is just beginning the search for a new coach.

"We'll have to advertise it, of course," Tesla said. "We don't have anybody in mind as yet. We have two young coaches on staff who are both teachers here, and I have confidence in them. We'll see how it goes, and see who applies."

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