You Said It

July 20, 2007

Editor's note - The Morning Herald doesn't endorse any of these anonymous opinions. We encourage readers to include their names with their opinions through letters to the editor that appear each day on Page A4.

"I was just reading that most of the Republican senators who no longer support Bush on Iraq are changing because they are up for re-election in 2008, and more Republicans will do the same. How sad they are not changing their support because of the casualties but for their own well-being. Heaven help the soldier."

"Gee, the political pressure must be on the administration. All of a sudden we hear how much of an additional threat al-Qaida is to the U.S. I thought they have been since 9/11, and that is why we have been in Iraq. Besides, the president has been telling us how we are winning. I'm confused."

"This is in response to 'Unprepared for school.' There are children that cannot do basic things that should be taught at home, like tying their shoes or buttoning clothing. Many do not know their colors, or have a very limited vocabulary to express themselves, and the list goes on. Learning is the result of the school and the family working together, not simply the school doing it all. If a child does not practice what they learn in school, they do not retain the knowledge and are set up for failure. No parent should want their child to fail."


"Common sense would tell anyone bin Laden knows the U.S. military is not allowed in Pakistan. Osama is not a leader of any country. Unlike Saddam, Osama is among people who like him, so he is well-protected financially, etc. There is and has been a $25 million reward on him. Someone likes him someplace. U.S. intelligence knows he is hiding somewhere around the Pakistani border. We aren't dealing with a stupid person here." - Hagerstown

"I found it very hilarious that a person wants to blame Parris Glendening for the budget deficit in Maryland, and then try to say Bob Ehrlich inherited a budget deficit. It wasn't anywhere near that large. Bob Ehrlich did not address the budget deficit the entire four years, and the General Assembly is partially to blame as well. But isn't it interesting, last year all before the election we never heard anything about a deficit from Gov. Ehrlich. All Gov. Ehrlich did was just run all over the state, handing out the taxpayers' money for this big project and that big project, especially in the rural counties like this, where he figured he could get some votes. So you know why the state's broke; ask Bob Ehrlich." - Hagerstown

"I've been watching the Senate debates on and off today. Republicans are gonna stop it again, because they know the Democrats can't get 60 votes. They can get 54, but they can't get 60. The Republicans know this, and they're gonna stop it again and our boys are gonna stay over there. I'm in my 50s, I've lived through one war. I don't care anymore. I'm on disability, I don't even pay taxes anymore, so you all want to keep funding this war, that's fine. You want to see your loved ones die, that's fine. I'm tired of worrying about it. I say bring the troops home before it's too late. It's your taxes paying for it, not mine anymore." - Hagerstown

"Why can't the City Council members and city staff members do their own lobbying in Annapolis? Why do they have to spend money on lobbyists? There are other groups, such as the BOE, that send their own staff members and occasionally BOE members to Annapolis to do lobbying." - Hagerstown

"This is a message for all the people who use the U.S. 40 landfill. We are tired of your trash all over our lawns and roadways. We are tired of cleaning up after you. If you cannot tie this trash down on your vehicles, the next time we see you with trash falling out, we are gonna call the state police and report you. Sometimes in these trash barrels, your names are on papers, and we will report you. There is a $500 fine for littering." - Washington County

"Whether we are in Iraq or we pull out of Iraq doesn't matter. The terrorists still want to harm us. They wanted to harm us before we were in Iraq, and they made that very clear. Most of the people who want us to pull out of Iraq that are in Washington are the Democrats. They want a vote. If they get that vote and we pull out of Iraq, it's gonna make George Bush look worse than what he does, and that's exactly what they want. So it's very sad that this is a political thing. This is how cold-hearted and sick this country has become. " - Waynesboro, Pa.

"I'm the one that called in several times about saying as soon as Bush or Congress tries to withdraw troops or anything like that, you're gonna start hearing we're hot on the trail of bin Laden. Here I look at the paper today, bin Laden's picture on the front page, and I don't know how long it's been since I've seen his picture on the front page, but it's a little earlier than I thought, but hey, the media controls everything anyway, right?" - Hagerstown

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