Walkers get off on the right foot

July 19, 2007|by JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Registrations by 32 people have confirmed Main Street Waynesboro Inc. volunteers' suspicions that their new program has a "wow" factor.

So "wow," in fact, that the Walkers of Waynesboro program's acronym proclaims it.

With a Fourth of July kickoff behind them, the walkers in yellow shirts have been spotted on Main Street, committee member Terry Stottlemeyer said.

"We were at the Jubilee at the Fourth of July in Waynesboro. We were walking around the vendors and saw the WOW booth," Deb Wagaman said. Now, "I guess people who see me in the shirt downtown go the other direction because I try to sign them up."

"The purpose is twofold: One, to get people to walk, and two, to get people to walk downtown," Stottlemeyer said.

Incentives are given when participants reach benchmarks of miles walked, recording their trips on provided calendars, she said.

Shops and restaurants will benefit from increased foot traffic downtown, she said.


A $12 membership fee provides walkers with their T-shirts, calendars and information packets. Attending seminars hosted by sponsors Summit Health and the Waynesboro Hospital Auxiliary can earn bonus miles.

Wagaman has been walking with her husband, Greg.

"I need the exercise to keep me going," said Wagaman, who is a cardiac patient with Summit Health.

Susquehanna Bank has provided soft bottle holders as an incentive, and nonprofit organization Main Street Waynesboro Inc. hopes other businesses respond with discounts or prizes for walkers, Stottlemeyer said.

Main Street Manager Carole L. Malin dreamed up the idea for the program after seeing a similar one out of state, said Stottlemeyer, who then told Malin that she participated in one in Hagerstown.

For more information about the program, visit Country Expressions at 8 E. Main St., or call Stottlemeyer at 717-765-9600 or Malin at 717-762-0397.

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