Waynesboro school board OKs study of CTC takeover

July 18, 2007|by JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Although its vote didn't really matter, the Waynesboro Area School Board on Tuesday unanimously gave its consent to a neighboring district's desire to finalize the details regarding that district's possible takeover of the Franklin County Career and Technology Center.

The Chambersburg (Pa.) Area School Board had decided to proceed with the final study anyway, hiring consulting firm Franklin Advisory to develop the plan and cost estimates for presentation in the fall. Chambersburg wants to assume ownership and operations at the career center, while charging the other five county school districts a per-student fee.

Representatives of the Chambersburg district took heat from Waynesboro board member Leland Lemley Tuesday. He chastised Chambersburg for its threat to pull out of the current joint operation of the career center if its proposal is not accepted.

Lemley called it the "take my marbles and go home" approach, and said it's naive.

"You ain't that big, you ain't that bad and you're not that well-funded," he said.


Lemley left the meeting to take a phone call during the vote regarding the study, and his fellow board members voted 8-0 in favor of proceeding with it.

"We need to be proactive with the transition team and make sure our needs are understood," said Stanley Barkdoll, Waynesboro board member and one of the board's representatives on the career center's Joint Operating Committee.

Waynesboro's board questioned how it will have a say in what happens at the career center if it is owned by Chambersburg and how its fees will be kept from escalating to pay for other Chambersburg needs.

Chambersburg school board member Stanley Helman promised Tuesday a system of ratios to determine fees.

"Part of this is going to be a trust issue," Helman said.

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