You Said It

July 18, 2007

Editor's note: The Morning Herald doesn't endorse any of these anonymous opinions. We encourage readers to include their names with their opinions through letters to the editor that appear each day on Page A4.

"Would someone please explain to me why when Gov. Schaefer was in office, we had to cut programs from the budget due to the poor economy and bite the bullet, and now when Gov. O'Malley is in office we have to do the same, even though tax revenues are up and the economy is good? When do the politicians have to go on a financial diet?"

"I'm calling in regards to the Alms House on North Locust Street. I think it personally is a good idea to revitalize that historic landmark. After all, Hagerstown does try to keep our nostalgia, and we also like to attract new prospective visitors into Hagerstown ... I think down there on Locust Street, that's what it would need - just a little bit more life in the area. I think Kelly Cromer and Penny Nigh have the right idea about saving this historic landmark. I think Hagerstown is doing a wonderful job revitalizing. This would just be one more (notch) in their belt." - Hagerstown


"I think it's pretty ridiculous that people are watering their dead lawns when we're living in a drought at the present time, and especially businesses watering their lawn today. It's all dead, but they're watering and wasting water. What's gonna happen when they cut back on water use? Then let's see who waters their lawns." - Hagerstown

"I recently read in the column where someone congratulated the Williamsport junior Legion baseball team for placing first place in their division. I live in Williamsport, and wasn't even aware that the Legion still had a baseball team. After asking around, I found out not only did they take first place in their division, but will be traveling to Greensboro, N.C., for a World Series tournament in just a few weeks. Now that I'm aware of this team, I hope to see some of your games next year. Way to go, guys, and good luck in North Carolina." - Williamsport

"In Friday's paper, the 'Out of prison, into Hagerstown:' I just would like to say that I agree with Sheriff Mullendore that the criminals need to be returned, but not to where they were arrested - to their last known address. They would have been arrested in Maryland to be serving in Maryland, but most of these criminals are from out of town - New York, New Jersey, maybe Florida or South Carolina. " - Washington County

"In regards to the Hagerstown caller who was calling about the trucks going through town: We need these trucks to transport a lot of things that we need ourselves, and you, I'm sure, need also. So if it's a few minutes inconvenience for you, so be it. Another thing, they're going through town most of the time like that and when you see a lot of them, it's because there's a bad wreck on the interstate and so they're trying to get to another exit to get to their destination. So if you're in that big of a hurry to be somewhere, the next time leave a little bit earlier, just in case something like this happens, or a wreck here in town. So don't put down the big tractor-trailers, because you need them to get supplies and items for your home." - Hagerstown

"This is to inform people about the Bush family, George Bush and his family. If you want to know the real facts and the real truth about these people and how things have happened and how they do things, read the book on the family." - Hagerstown

"This is in response to the article (in) Thursday evening's paper about the tractor-trailers coming down the streets of Hagerstown. Have the people in Hagerstown forgot that we have two major routes, 40 going west and 40 going east, running through our town? Also, I live in the West End, and if there's an accident on I-81, the police bypass the tractor- trailers and traffic off at the next exit, and that would mean that they would come down either U.S. 11 doing south or U.S. 11 going north. So anyway, I don't know what the big deal is about the tractor-trailers coming through the city. They have no other choice. They're there making a living. " - Hagerstown

"Caller who said Bush had his head in a bag: I (feel) as safe under Bush as Clinton who did nothing, talking about heads in bags, when the World Trade Center deal went down in '93, and he kept his head in a bag when USS Cole was bombed, killing 17 of our sailors, and letting bin Laden go. At least Bush is doing something rather than ignoring the problem as Clinton did. Clinton did not ignore who he was going to pardon on his last day of office." - Washington County

"The second in command of al-Qaida has issued a new tape, saying attacks on America will happen soon. He also says that they move freely in Pakistan. We give Pakistan more than a billion dollars a year in economic and military aid, and part of that aid is to help us get the Taliban and bin Laden, and yet they do nothing. A billion dollars a year, and how many Americans will die for it?" - Sharpsburg

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