Duplicate bridge club hosts fundraiser, posts results

July 18, 2007

The Little Heiskell Duplicate Bridge Club had a busy few days, playing its regular game Friday, July 13, and holding a fundraiser Sunday, July 15.

Fourteen pairs competed Friday during a meeting of the Little Heiskell Duplicate Bridge Club in Hagerstown.

In the North/South direction, Dennis Wick and Will Garner finished first in the A stratum with a 62.8 percent game. Joann Fillingham and Alan Brown placed second in A and first in B and C with 56.55 percent, and Elaine Rowe and Bob Munger were third in A with 56.25 percent. Rod and Cindy Walser came in second in B with 45.83 percent.

In the East/West direction: Scott and Debbie Kiser finished first in all three strata with a 65.48 percent game. David Abuhove and Jack Sherwood were second in A with 63.69 percent, and Kay Britt and Frank Carden came in third in A with 50 percent. Bill and Madeline Davis were second in B with 45.54 percent, and Barbara Burkhardt and Barbara Beard placed second in C with 44.94 percent.


On Sunday, the club sponsored the fifth annual two-session Swiss Team Duplicate Bridge Game to raise money for Food Resources Inc. Over the years, more than $3,200 has been raised for Food Resources, which has provides food for families in need in the Tri-State region.

Thirteen four-person teams competed Sunday.

First place in the A stratum was the team of Rick Elbo, Jean Toth, and John and Selena Swanson. Tied with Elaine Rowe, Steve Smith, Eddie Conner, and Dennis Wick for second in A were Neil Carstensen, John Tyson, and Irene and John Schmehl. The Schmehl team was also first in the B and C strata. David Abuhove, Frank Carden, and Lois and Dick Taylor were fourth in A, and Peg Abercrombie, Barbara Beard, and Anne and Del Carden were fifth in A and second in B and C. Anne Lebherz, Bob Osborn, Ronnie Orr and Bob Munger were third in B, and Rob Back, Albert Shochet, and Bill and Madeline Davis were fourth in B. Marie Sullivan, Leslie Lege, Ken Zimmerman and John Adams finished third in C.

The Little Heiskell Duplicate Bridge Club meets at 7:30 p.m. Fridays at the American Legion on Northern Avenue. All bridge players are welcome. For more information, call 301-797-4627.

On Friday, July 20, the club will participate in the World-Wide International Fund game. Points will be awarded at full sectional rating, half red and half black. Hand records will be available after the game with analysis by Frank Stewart.

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