You Said It

July 16, 2007

Editor's note: The Morning Herald doesn't endorse any of these anonymous opinions. We encourage readers to include their names with their opinions through letters to the editor that appear each day on Page A4.

"I would like to thank the couple Wednesday night who helped my son when he was injured due to a battery going off in his face and eyes. I was not aware at the time that you went out of your way to buy a rinse for my son's eyes, and were the ones who called 911. You saved my son's eyesight. The doctors at the hospital said this fast-acting thinking saved his sight. Bless you for this. You shall be in my prayers forever, for you're my son's guardian angels. The doctor says he will be OK. Again, thank you."

"In reference to 'You Said It' on July 10, concerning VA prescriptions: I am a veteran and also on Medicare. I wonder how many veterans and those on Medicare drug plan (Part D) cannot receive brand-name drugs if you cannot take generic drugs. After talking to the VA in Martinsburg and Medicare, I found out that no (Part D) plan was available that carries my brand-name drugs. Now I have to pay 100 percent for these drugs. I wrote a letter to Congressman Bartlett on May 23, bringing this to his attention. He forwarded the letter to the VA. At this time I am still waiting for a reply. This only proves that the prescription drug system needs to be changed for veterans and seniors so we can receive prescription drugs as issued by the physicians, and not be told what we can have by the insurance and drug companies."


"As long as everybody is so divided about being Democrat or Republican, this country will never recover from the 'Great Divider' George Bush. And the Democrats aren't any better. Why can't people see that? It's almost like people are voting just because of this 'us or them' mentality. This is what your government wants you to believe - that if you vote for any other party other than the two with the most coverage, you're throwing your vote away. This is not true, and the more people who are unwilling to put up with the same old stuff from these two parties should vote other than the Dems or Reps. If we continue to allow the same people/parties in office, things will just keep getting worse."

"I don't think that people are complaining about the prisoners in Guantanamo getting tortured. I think they're complaining about that they get treated better than our own soldiers. They get better medical care than the soldiers, too. If they are responsible for 9/11, why haven't they been put on trial yet? Probably because of Bush getting rid of habeas corpus, when a prisoner is entitled to fair trial. And just think, this could happen to any American in this post-9/11 terrorist hysteria our government has created."

"I have a bit of a pet peeve. Every time somebody wants some information, they're being told 'Get on the Web site.' I just saw recently here in You Said It where people want to know the budget of the BOE, the county, different things like that, and people are saying 'Just use your computer' There's a lot of people in this area who can barely feed their kids and themselves, so how in the world are they gonna be able to afford a computer? I'm sure they can go to the library, but maybe they don't have the time. Maybe they have to work two jobs to feed their kids. It is the media's responsibility to publish facts and figures when it affects the taxpayers' dollars." - Hagerstown

"I hope all the union people are really happy today, reading about Gov. O'Malley's proposed cuts. They cut everything, including union employees. They can't be too happy that they took him over the former governor." - Boonsboro

"Bush is getting ready to veto legislation. Don't be surprised if you don't start hearing U.S. is hot on the trail of bin Laden, or somebody is gonna get on bin Laden's trail. That's gonna be America's flame under everyone to say 'Let's give more money, let's send more troops, we got him.'" - Hagerstown

"Just like to say thank you to the mayor and whomever was behind all the nice fireworks in Williamsport this year. This was the first year that I had ever attended, and I would go back again, because it was all great. Thanks again, Mayor McCleaf." - Clear Spring

"I'm calling with a concern with speeding on Orchard Drive in Boonsboro. I've noticed periods of time, over and over, residents in Orchard Manor speeding down Orchard Drive. I also noticed a lady walking her dog with her children up to the day care, being passed by young kids and elderly, whether it be uphill or downhill on Orchard Drive, at at least 40 mph or more. This is of great concern for me and the residents that live on Orchard Drive." - Boonsboro

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