Lies that Democrats, media told about the case of 'Scooter" Libby

July 16, 2007|by Nancy C. Boyer

To the editor:

So here comes another dog and pony show orchestrated by the democrats in Congress and cheered on by the press. The last recent fiasco, which nailed Lewis "Scooter" Libby for remembering a day incorrectly, would have been dismissed as absurd were it not for the passion of the media to discredit this administration.

Never mind that the venerated Tim Russert "misremembered" a date he reported to the grand jury, and then changed his testimony when before the trial jury. Never mind that two other prosecution witnesses did the same thing. Only Mr. Libby gets hung for misremembering. In his case they called it perjury. Cute.

Three years ago - yeah, it has been that long ago - Valerie Plame wrote a memo to a superior in the CIA suggesting her husband, Joe Wilson, be sent to Niger to check on whether Saddam's minions had attempted to buy yellowcake (milled uranium oxide) from Niger.


The CIA sent him over to attempt to verify if the Brits, the Germans, and the Russians were accurate in their belief that Saddam had made such an attempt because Bush had said in a speech that "British Intel believes Saddam attempted to purchase yellowcake from a country in Africa."

Upon his return, Wilson wrote an op-ed piece in the New York Times. He claimed that Cheney had sent him, that Cheney had Wilson's report on his desk disputing the Iraq inquiry, that Cheney and the administration massaged the info into a life for the speech, and further, that the administration launched an attack on Wilson and his wife, Valerie, by revealing, to columnist Robert Novak, Valerie Plame Wilson's name so she could never work as an undercover agent for the CIA again, thus punishing little Joe for his report.

The Democrats in Congress had a hissy fit. The administration lied, Bush lied, Cheney lied, there was a White House conspiracy afoot to "punish" poor Joe. Karl Rove must be in this mix somewhere. The peevish Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer, Henry Waxman, Teddy Kennedy and Harry Reid all trumpeted endlessly their idle charges and called for an "investigation." For three tiresome years this farce has played out under the watchful eye of Patrick Fitzgerald, prosecutor, with background music being played by the leftwing media, whose numbers are legion.

Never mind that the 9/11 Commission Report proved undeniably that Cheney never sent Wilson to Niger, nor did he ever get a "written" report on Joe's findings. His "report" was verbal to the CIA. In point of fact, Wilson testified to the commission that high-level Iraqis had indeed inquired of Niger about opening trade relations with them. Connect the dots: The only thing Niger has to sell you guessed it is yellowcake.

Furthermore, the 9/11 Commission uncovered the memo that Valerie had written to her superiors putting forth Joe as the best candidate to go to Niger to discover "the truth."

(Valerie, a couple of weeks ago, repeated again before a Senate committee that she had nothing to do with Joe going to Niger!) The 9/11 Commission Report was apparently not read by Congress nor the media since it disputed the Wilson claims in every detail.

His wife had not done anything "covert" for more than five years so there wasn't even a "crime" involved in revealing her name. She was simply an analyst.

Here's another kicker that should knock your socks off. Richard Armitage, Colin Powell's deputy at state, reported as soon as Fitzgerald was appointed, that he, Armitage, had been the one to initially inadvertently mention Valerie Plame to Robert Novak! (Ultimately verified by Novak.)

Fitzgerald, the man investigating these bogus charges, surprisingly, asked Armitage not to reveal this fact to anyone, including the White House. So for three years this investigation went forward, ruining careers, costing millions to defendants and eventually proving that neither the White House nor Libby had anything to do with any crime.

Now, however, Libby has been convicted of obstruction of justice and perjury for misremembering a date that had nothing whatever to do with Valerie Plame's alleged outing, which was the initial basis for the investigation.

Why would Fitzgerald insist that Armitage not reveal he was the source of the leak rather than someone in the White House?

This is a mystery as yet umplumbed and never will be. The Democrats and the media have managed to conduct a nice three-year torture session for this administration and will never apologize for the lies they have consistently yammered about the White House, yellowcake, Cheney, et al.

They have simply yawned and are moving on to the next horror show regarding investigating eight attorneys general who have been fired from Justice. It apparently has escaped them that Clinton fired 93yep 93 without a murmur from his party or the media. Ain't that rich? Outrageous. Pathetic. Typical.

Nancy C. Boyer

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