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Man seriously injured in assault

July 14, 2007|By MATTHEW UMSTEAD

MARTINSBURG, W.VA.-A Berkeley County man was in critical condition Friday at City Hospital after he allegedly was struck in the face and choked in a fight that involved his younger brother and another man who later was arrested, police and hospital officials said.

Douglas "Scott" Funk II, 23, of 244 Dinner Belle Court in the Brookstone subdivision, was in the hospital's intensive care unit, where a machine was being used to help him breathe, West Virginia State Police Trooper J.S. Chumley said.

Christopher Michael Speikers, 21, of 13095 Back Creek Valley Road, was arraigned on one felony count of malicious assault, according to Berkeley County Magistrate Court records. He was in Eastern Regional Jail on $15,000 bond Friday.

According to Chumley's complaint, Speikers said he was sleeping on a couch in the Dinner Belle Court residence when he awoke to hear Funk's 15-year-old brother yelling at Scott, who was pointing a shotgun at his younger brother.


In his statement to police, Speikers said he began to help his friend in the confrontation because "Scott was getting the better of him," according to Chumley's complaint.

"Scott was sweating and slippery and began to bite at (his younger brother)," Speikers said in his statement. "As I was pulling them apart, Scott turned on me and tried to bite me. I then got them apart without being bitten by Scott.

"I then punched Scott in the nose and mouth area, (but) I was aiming for the side of his head.

"(Then) I put Scott in a sleeper hold and was wrestling with him for a minute or two. I then got Scott on his stomach and put my right arm under his throat and my left (arm) on the back of his head shoving down toward the floor. Scott stopped moving, at which time I got off of him."

Chumley said Funk's younger brother began CPR after attempts to wake him failed.

In his investigation, Chumley said he found a white shirt, known as a "wife beater," lying in the doorway/entry to the residence. Chumley said he also saw blood, which he said was Douglas Funk's blood, on the floor of the living room.

Chumley said Funk's younger brother was staying at the home, but it was not his permanent residence.

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