You Said It

July 13, 2007

"On Monday evening, July 9, my husband and I, along with a good friend, had the privilege of hearing the U.S. Navy Country Current band at the HCC Alumni Amphitheater. It was our first visit there, and we were very impressed with the whole experience. Thanks to Wayne Taylor, president of the alumni association, and all those who work closely with him to bring such great talent to our area." - Dargan

"Someone called Mail Call to thank the mayor and council for the beautiful fireworks at the fairgrounds. That's not all that was there. They had a real good band that played. I didn't see anyone drunk or anything, which was good. Everybody behaved themselves. I think it's a great thing that the fairgrounds have that every year. I hope it continues." - Hagerstown

"The media gets us into more trouble. Between the media and the computers we pretty much advertise that (the U.S.) is not alert and doesn't have adequate backup. They're on now as I speak that we don't have enough security, that we have a lot of jobs open that we need to guard against terrorists and terrorism. We do it to ourselves. The media has to keep quiet about this." - Williamsport


"They have to keep these tractor-trailers off the main streets in Hagerstown. I've sat through three red lights now and haven't gotten through because there's three or four trucks in the road. It doesn't make sense. They shouldn't be allowed to go through town." - Hagerstown

"I would like to congratulate the Conococheague All-Stars, and I would like to thank everyone who came out to watch those kids play. The Herald-Mail did a good job covering the event with a picture. " - Clear Spring

"On Monday, July 9, at 2:30 p.m., my husband and I were sitting at a red light in the center lane at the corner of Frederick Street and Wilson Boulevard. Thirteen cars in a row made a right onto Wilson Boulevard without even stopping. They just rolled around the corner as if there were no light at all. We've already seen I don't know how many accidents because of this. The law is you make a complete stop before proceeding." - Hagerstown

"Here's some food for thought. Can anyone explain this: If you buy any kind of clothing that it has to state where that item is made. If you take a look at your food and vitamins, it will tell you it was manufactured for a certain company, like Wal-Mart or Giant, but it won't tell you where it's actually made. If it's made overseas, why don't they have to print where it was made?"

"Muslim sects have declared war on the United States. These same Muslims were responsible for the World Trade Center bombings as well as bombings around the world, kidnappings, and deaths. It seems logical to me that we do profile Muslims when boarding airplanes or entering this country. It's just common sense when you look at people who declare war upon you." - Hagerstown

"I saw in Sunday's paper where you gave a list of restaurant inspections for Maryland. What about the restaurant inspections for Pennsylvania? Especially in the Greencastle area. I would like to see those restaurant inspections also. I would also like to know who's in charge of doing these inspections for Pennsylvania." - Greencastle, Pa.

"I think it is about time for everyone to pay their own health insurance and retirement money. Our county and state workers cost the rest of us taxpayers too much. Do away with those benefits; we will all be on equal footing then. Call it socialism, but some of us pay double, our own and theirs while they get to keep their money. They probably get dental and eye care too. Our companies have stopped these benefits. This is why our real estate taxes are so high. I watched '60 Minutes' Sunday, and our country is going bankrupt. We have to stop borrowing."

"For the last six years and for every day from now until 2009, every day that Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney are in office makes Clinton look that much better. So I guess Clinton is just going to keep looking better and better all the time. The reason I refer to them as Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney is because they're not my president or my vice president." - Hagerstown

"It's bad enough that people will not give you the right of way that you deserve when you're coming off of the cloverleaf, but it's also even worse when they won't get over when they hear the emergency sirens. I was driving down Virginia Avenue and there was a fire truck coming one way and an ambulance coming the other. I pulled over and the guy behind me kept going. It's terrible." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"I've worked at the Snow White Grill for 10 years. Before it was called the Snow White Grill, it was called Tommy Tucker. We had a huge sign. It was up in the attic where we kept our supplies." - Hagerstown

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