Blast from the past

July 11, 2007

Week of July 8, 1957

With inexorable steadiness, the temperatures were inching upward over the weekend in Washington County, and may hit the 90's today as a new heat wave develops.

D. Paul Oswald reported that the temperature got up to 87 Saturday and climbed to 88 yesterday at the Bridgeport weather station. More humidity and possibly increased heat is predicted by the Weather Bureau for today.

An early morning thunderstorm produced no reports of damage from lightning in this area yesterday. The rain was not heavy enough to measure at Bridgeport.

The mornings are also getting warmer around here. The minimum Saturday was 56 but the temperature didn't go under 62 yesterday. And at 9 o'clock last night the mercury stood at 74, one degree higher than at that hour Saturday.


With the first week in July completed, there still hasn't been enough rain to measure at Bridgeport during this month.

Week of July 8, 1982

The Washington County Board of Education took the first steps last night toward a countywide study of its sex education program.

Board members instructed school officials to draw up a list of concerns about the county's sex ed courses that should be studied. The recommendations may be available by July 20, the next scheduled board meeting, school officials said.

After the recommendations are submitted, the board will begin searching for people to serve on the committee.

In February, the board rejected a sex ed class for eighth graders at three county schools, ending months of controversy and confusion between parents and school officials.

A month later, the board decided to again tackle sex ed curriculum. This time, however, it was suggested that the board look at the program at all levels, not just one grade.

The action last night was the first definitive step toward conducting a comprehensive study since the March 16 meeting.

In a written report to the board, Superintendent Claud E. Kitchens said the board should concentrate on the entire sex ed program from kindergarten through grade 12.

He urged the board to "spend considerable time and thought" in determining committee members. At least several supervisors should be appointed to the committee, he said.

Kitchens said "sufficient time" must be given to the committee and staff to evaluate the program and recommend necessary revisions.

"You're laying a pretty big load on a group of people," the superintendent said. "You cannot expect a quick fix."

Several board members stressed the need to keep citizens involved and the board informed of all action concerning the sex ed program.

"We were aware of the mistakes made the last time," said board member B. Marie Byers. "What we lost is the credibility and trust of the community."

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