Forecast calls for temps in 90s

July 09, 2007|By DAN DEARTH

HAGERSTOWN - Relief from the Tri-State area's heat wave isn't expected to arrive until later this week, AccuWeather meteorologist John Feerick said Sunday.

In the meantime, people are urged to go outside only when necessary and to drink plenty of water, Feerick said. Those who have to go outside should stay in the shade whenever possible.

Feerick said today's temperature is forecast to peak at 98 degrees.

"We'll have plenty of blazing sunshine and high humidity," he said.

Tuesday's temperature isn't expected to be much lower, Feerick said. The high should be about 96 degrees with the same high humidity, he said.

Thunderstorms could move in to the area Tuesday and Wednesday, he said. Wednesday's high is expected to be about 91 degrees.


Temperatures aren't expected to return to normal - which is about 85 degrees - until Thursday, Feerick said. Thunderstorms are possible Thursday as well, he said.

Feerick said the weekend looks pretty good, when high temperatures Friday and Saturday are expected to reach 82 degrees and 80 degrees, respectively.

Heat waves like the current one are common during the summer months, he said.

In this case, Feerick said hot air is moving east from the southwest.

The high temperature Sunday in Hagerstown reached 93 degrees, he said.

Hot, hot, hot

The following high temperatures are forecast for this week, according to an AccuWeather meteorologist:

Today: 98 degrees

Tuesday: 96 degrees

Wednesday: 91 degrees

Thursday: 85 degrees

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