Produce stand had growth spurt

July 08, 2007|By ASHLEY HARTMAN

WAYNESBORO, PA.-What started out as a cantaloupe stand on a piece of plywood has become a family business that sells produce to hundreds of customers per day.

Frantz's Produce Stand, owned by Alma and Herbert Frantz, has been in business for 20 years selling locally grown fruits and vegetables.

"It's an all-family business," said Alma, who has four children and 11 grandchildren. "At sometime over the course of the 20 years, (all) the grandchildren have helped here."

The produce stand no longer sits on a piece of plywood - two years after the business began, one of Alma and Herbert's sons built a wagon to display the fruit and vegetables.


"It's a great place," said Sis Tressler of Mentzer Gap, Pa., a frequent customer of the produce stand. "They've got great produce."

"It's your repeat customers that keep your business going," Alma said.

Alma's favorite part of having the produce stand is "the interaction with the people."

Lori Frantz, Alma's daughter-in-law, echoed that statement.

"(We have) a lot of good customers - a lot of ones you can have fun with," she said. "You have some older ones, and we're about the only ones they talk to."

Lori's daughter, Addy, works at the stand during the summer.

"(I like) spending time with my grandma and seeing the people," Addy said.

Even before the produce stand began, the Frantzes, who have been married for 56 years, sold sweet corn.

"We've always sold sweet corn, ever since we've been married," Alma said.

All of the fruits and vegetables that the Frantzes sell are grown locally, except for cantaloupes because they are not in season. The growers are mostly farmers from between a seven- and 10-mile radius, Alma said.

"I have very good suppliers," she said.

The Frantzes also grown some of their own produce, depending on what is in season. Currently, they are growing green beans, red beets, lettuce, onions and spinach.

On Saturday, the produce stand had sold 214 dozen sweet corn, said Lori Frantz, who has been working at the stand for 15 years.

"Our record is over 300," she said.

Some of the most popular items at the stand are sweet corn, tomatoes and cantaloupes, she said.

Lori and her husband, Alan, who is Alma and Herbert's son, plan to continue the business as long as they can.

If you go

What: Frantz's Produce Stand

When: Opens Monday through Saturday at 9 a.m. through mid-October

Where: 10471 Buchanan Trail East, Waynesboro, Pa.

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